Is Max Payne Heading in the Wrong Direction?

Ben Chapman voices concerns about the upcoming Max Payne 3, and how Rockstar seem to be handling the game's noir-inspired story all the wrong way:

"The lone, grizzled badass endures dramatic circumstances to save a loved one or rescue a family member. Things go poorly, as noir stories often do, and they recede into a haze of alcohol and painful, longing stares out windows as rain streaks across the face. This is Noir 101. My question is, when was the last time you cared about a character like that?"

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BillytheAlien2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Yup....nothing wrong with admitting it, your just a concerned fan in my eyes. It looks like it will be good but I can't say that it will be a good Max Payne game

For starters I'm getting pretty sick of people saying "It's Rockstar theres nothing to worry about" or "Rockstar never dissapoint, as true as that may be this isn't their franchise, they havent done a game like Max Payne the franchise is no GTA, Rockstar didn't create the Noire atmosphere in Max Payne and MP2, they didn't create the gameplay like "bullet time", they didn't help shape Max Payne as a character. So to say "Oh Rockstar can't do no wrong" think about it...when they take a franchise which isn't theirs and don't know much about creating that theme which Remedy made in MP how can you say it's going to be good. I think this is why in my opinion even though the game will be good we'll have another GTA4 on our hands..."Yeah it was amazing, the best one ever" <Perfect Scores>, then 8-10 months later, "Oh it wasn't that good Rockstar kind of ruined Max Payne a bit, they made it too differen't" get the point.

OhMyGandhi2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

totally agree. They should take out this new Max character model ( Sam Fisher from Conviction ) and replace it with more a character that actually looks like the old Max (an actual aging alcoholic with an expression that says "that Triple Bean Burrito Wasn't Worth It")

The change simply wasn't necessary , in all honesty, and was and still is, incredibly unique.

BillytheAlien2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I know right

How are you supposed to relate to the character and think "Wow Max Payne is back" when he looks nothing like Max Payne just some Bruce "Die Hard" Willis wannabe. The voice will be there but looking at the screen I'll probably sigh everytime. I mean Rockstar MADE Max Payne shave his hair off, I thought it was just him going bald but they actually made him shave it off which is basicaly a slap to the face of fans.

Think about this for a minute

If Rockstar really did listen to fans concerns and were tyring to adresses them like they say they are (even sites which seem to suck up to Rockstar) why is it, and remember if you were in their shoes, that they never adressed these problems in the first teaser we got of Max Payne 3. If I was in charge I would of made the trailer to adress those concerns but Rockstar just made it worse for me as a fan of Max Payne it's like they didn't even try.

It just looks totaly differen't, I mean why set it in Brazil, why not another crime ridden city like New York, hell even if they made one up and set it in Alaska at least it would be all doom and gloom.

It just feels like they are trying to make Max Payne there franchise and make it so Remedy is forgotten about. Kind of like (and people are going to hate me for saying this) what Valve did with L4D when they announced L4D2....they basicaly wanted it to be a Valve game not a title they took over from the true creators...TurtleRock, it's also they reason why the game changed in every way, yeah the gameplay was there but it just looked and felt differen't (Dark Gloomy Zombie Apocalypse compared to the light hearted, over the top bright zombie apocalypse)

By the way I know Remedy is working alongside them but how much. It's not like Remedy can say anything they just have to go along with whatever Rockstar do by putting on a fake smile and nodding their head. It's basicaly a clever trick to make it so concern fans "calm down" and the ones who are defending this will go "You do know Remedy is involved" me, their not.

NYC_Gamer2296d ago

the game is going in the wrong direction in my opinion.from the trailers the gritty/ noir aspects are gone and replaced with some tropical setting.they just turned payne into some bald headed drunk/die hard type of character.

Hellsvacancy2296d ago

He is a bit John Mcclane aint he, it looks as though you still get to play as the old Max in the in old darker setting......then he goes on holiday which puts me off

morganfell2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I will wait and see but I have to say this smells like timidness on the part of the publisher. And let's be honest it is the publisher, those with the money that make such decisions.

We see this too often. The publisher is risk averse when it comes to a new IP. So they look around for some name recognition into which they can shoehorn their new product. Oh, Syndicate for example?

They could very easily have put this guy in the tropics, started the game, and then half way through had flashback levels that show how things went wrong when he was a DEA agent, just to give an example. In order to get even the drug lord took out his family.

Personally I would rather have seen Rockstar spend their money making the first ever sandbox co-op game called Miami Vice.

I am not saying this title will be bad. It may turn out to be GOTY material. I hope so as I have pre-ordered. But bullet time, which is not exclusive to any single title, does not a Max Payne game make.

Play2Win2296d ago

what do the gamers want? will there be the same question if CoD goes a different way. I mean, for me the new Max Payne looks great.

Capn2296d ago

The original Max Payne was amazing; It did things that no one else was really doing at that time - The odd drug scenes and even bullet time, it was actually a great game.

I was under the impression everyone lost interest by Max Payne 2, so I'm not even sure where they're going with this one..

Rubberlegs2296d ago

Well its obvious it still has fans since its been getting a lot fan backlash for trying to be different.

People are jumping the gun to quick and I hope they are aware that Remedy is working along side with Rockstar on this. Even though Dan Houser wrote the script he still had Sam Lake help out with it. Sam Lake was the writer for the first two games.

D3mons0ul2296d ago

Not speaking of this game but it seems like EVERY game is heading in the wrong direction according to mainstream media/sheeple.

Everybody just wants to bitch about something.

FailboatSkipper2296d ago

Instead of making some vague and unfounded attempt at social commentary, why don't you just think about what fans of Max Payne might actually be thinking. I for one loved the hell out of both Max Payne games, and the long-awaited and much delayed sequel is doing a lot of things that could potentially ruin everything about the series. Is it really so wrong for fans to be concerned? Or do you treat all games with a sense of apathetic complacency?

D3mons0ul2296d ago

"Not speaking of this game"

Hey, at least your name is fitting.

FailboatSkipper2296d ago

Well, I can't deny I fucked up there.

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