US HD hardware sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's favour by year end

US households will together own 948,000 HD DVD playback devices and almost 3m Blu-ray Disc-capable machines come the end of 2007, market watcher DisplaySearch has estimated.

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gamesblow3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

there is a reason for this... Cause it's the superior format! Bestbuy, Blockbuster,Amazon,Walmart... They all push blu-ray, Even Target has started. It's going to win. Stop being foolish people. It is going to win and win big. Stop wasting your money on inferior Hd-dvd's and start buying blu-rays.

I just bought Pirates at worlds end, the Harry Potter box set and the simpsons movie all this week. Got my pirates already and am waiting for the others to be released and shipped out.

There is nothing like watching a blu-ray on a 47 in 1080P ambilight tv. It spoils you for any other media/

TANOD3785d ago

I will enjoy movies on a HITACHI 100 gig BD disk in 2008

I do Blue

Boink3785d ago

don't you just say that you like blu ray?

is it necessary to try and tell everyone what they should be buying because your opinion says so?

do the world a favour and put down the HD pompoms and shut up.

oh and us smart ones get to watch HD movies without having to watse $$$ on a stupid disc player. but feel free to keep on spending on your chosen format.

Monchichi0253785d ago

Sony's at it again. These numbers are only high because Sony has forced Blu-Ray on people in the form of PS3. And we all know how many Blu-Ray movies PS3 users buy. Just how Sony says they outsell disks 2 to 1. They forget to mention that those numbers include the movies they give away! LOL

This race is still alot closer then people here want to admit since lets face it, Sony fans were forced to become Blu-Ray supporters. Go to other non gaming sites and the arguements will be a lot more honest then here. That is why Sony's own boss has publicly questioned if they will win.

PS3PCFTW3785d ago

HDDVD is dead in early 08.
360 is next.

will sony kill 2 competitors in 08? lets hope they do.

mikeslemonade3785d ago

These are only U.S. sales. On a worldwide scale Blu-ray is winning by larger margin. The War is not going to last long as some people think. It will be over by the end of 2009.

AuburnTiger3785d ago

In every Blu ray article there's alwayS someone claiming that "Sony has forced Blu ray on to Sony Fans" and reply answer to that is always "NOBODY FORCES YOU TO BUY ANYTHING"

ruibing3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

You sound all high and mighty in making the decision to include Blu Ray sound so dirty. I could say the same about MS forcing 360 owners to become gold accounts members by removing online gameplay and now delaying contents for silver members.

I can't imagine my PS3 without Blu Ray. I like the fact that I can switch between watching a Blu Ray movie on a friday night with my family to gaming on the weekend with my friends. This is one of those things where if you don't have it, you wouldn't understand it.

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HarryEtTubMan3785d ago

Bend over and take it like a man..... XBOTS

NEO_X3785d ago

only if hd-dvd doesn't get warner bros.
if warner stays nuetral or goes to blu the blu-ray wins.
if it goes hddvd then we got ourselves a very annoying stalemate.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I have a nice HDTV, and I could certainly use Blu ray. But the problem is, PS3's is too poor of a game machine to keep as my game console.

What I'm gonna do is have to buy a stand alone Blu ray player next year for about $200.

I'll have an XBOX 360 and a Blu ray player. What I won't have is that big embarresing black block known as the PS3.

gamesblow3785d ago

You're an embarrassment... You and HD-dvd.

Danja3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

No worries dude you'll now have an embarrassing white block with RROD' sure ur gonna become good friends with M$ customer service..!!

I think you should change ur avatar also..cause guess what..?

FF13 EXCLUSIVE TO PS3......never coming to the 360..!!

lonestarmt3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

ok lighting. haha so you have 3 accounts. I'm guessing your also anything but cute and ps3 limbs on and on?? your the embarrassment. Still having an icon for a ps3 only game. The only thing thats more stupid than a blind fanboy is a stupid fanboy that switches sides, then totally hates everything it once was. Are you 45 going through a mid life crisis? if so we're here for you man. haha.

hotshot1273785d ago

i remember one time when you were getting nervous mgs4 and final fantasy would go to the 360. now there staying exclusive and we know you want them.

what, you couldnt take the heat and the bad press sony was getting? well guess what, look at all the good news and the way there selling now. i could understand having traded it in in early 07 but now was just a COMPLETELY STUPID DESCISION. its ok though, you'll be back soon.

but when the loyal playstation owners that kept there stance and stayed loyal will get all the glory while 360 fanboys cry and make excuses.

Antiomo3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Stop making accounts.
Just stick with one n4g account and state your views.
It's seems that you have Intelligent posts and you dont sound like a total fanboy. But it just seems that you can't make up your mind.

Rule of thumb buy electronics with some research, You will tend to enjoy the system you choose more.

ruibing3785d ago

I don't even want to attempt to understand your POV and who you are anymore.

3784d ago
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