Zelda Gameplay On Nintendo’s Wii U At CES 2012

Nintendo is giving journalists hands-on time with the console on the sidelines. Here is a look at the new Zelda game, plus a driving game on the upcoming Nintendo Wii U system.

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remanutd552293d ago

the car and zelda video are very interesting , hope to see more soon

Colwyn2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

It's been over eight months since Nintendo announced the wii u and there hasn't been a single game shown for the console. I would like the wii u to be 4 times the power of a ps3 and have proper ergonomical controllers that are comfortable for playing over a long period of time with an amazing online infrastructure. The wii u is a big disappointment to a lot of people and is amazing to people who aren't real fans and people who aren't thinking straight. Playing on with the wiimote can be frustrating sometimes because the d-pad was awkwardly placed too far away from the - and + buttons and A button. On the wii u pad, it seems like the way its designed won't allow for quick transitioning of your thumbs from the slide pads to the d-pad and face buttons.

The shape of the wii u controller will not allow for long periods of play time especially on games like fps or games you are required to use the circle pads, d-pad and face buttons constantly.

A lot of people think they are fans of Nintendo and the wii u but they are doing a disservice by not being honest and forward about their views on certain negatives having to do with the company. Most of the time the fans are just being "hopeful" and saying to wait and see what Nintendo will do because it'll be amazing. Most fans want a powerful and amazing console and aren't being realistic when they know its not Nintendos style judging by track record. The 3ds design is shoddy. Rubbish camera, one slide pad, weak hardware, shoddy 3d tech, shoddy old touch screen.

Nintendo needs to make a proper powerful console with controllers.

Colwyn2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

There werent any gameplay of zelda in the video and all it was is a video being played where you can manipulate the camera and lighting. I can't believe there isn't a big uproar over the lack of content over the wii u. If people are amazed by the zelda video then they need to watch "behind the bullet" on the ps3 about killzones new tech where you can manipulate the lighting and camera. The wii u will be released by 8 months from now where it would be ideal to have at least 20 games at launch but none have been shown on the wii u

krazykombatant2292d ago

Ok just decided to go and check your comment history on a little hunch that I had considering your two post here.

What I can safely gather is that your a massive fanboy for SONY/Troll. You seem to hate any article that has Nintendo in it. Dude/Dudette have you played with the WiiU, have you been in to the meetings and talked with all of the people working on the console, and have come to the concensus that there will be NO GAMES, it will be the same powerwise as a xbox360/ps3.

Go hate on Nintendo somewhere else you sad excuse for a gamer.

The Hardware specs HAVE NOT, I repeat HAVE NOT been released! The launch titles have not been announced just yet but what we can speculate on a super smash bros. game, Luigi's Mansion 2, Assassins Creed 3, and I'm sure many others that have yet to be announced.

Who is to say that you can't use a classic controller to play your fps?? There are many ways to integrate the Wii U controller into games. Otherwise mayor publishers 3rd party publishers wouldn't be showing its support for the WiiU.

The WiiU showed its power in that Zelda video. If Nintendo releases a Legend of Zelda game or hell what is been rumored a New Metroid prime game with those graphics. It will trump most of the games in its genre. All Nintendo was missing this gen was a bit more power to be able to incorporate more 3rd party games.

Face the fact, come E3 Nintendo will shine bright as it always does, games will be announced and we should be able to see a bit more of the WiiU. I'm sure MS and Sony will bring their guns too. Sony will probably try and improve their copy cat crap "move", they have even admitted of not been able to sell as much as they want.

Sony supporters like yourself give the rest of the world a poor insight into the gaming community. Nintendo sold the most consoles this gen, and there is no catching up to it. Sure maybe in 7 years time but by then, we'll be into the next gen and the ps3 will been out in the market much longer than the wii. Which just means that it couldn't compete with the wii when it was at its peak.

Go away you troll, I'm willing to bet all my games that your one of those people who would love to see Nintendo become a third party and have Mario and Zelda come to your perspective console, in your case the PS3.

I am now done with my rant. I'm sure you'll PM me and block me so that I can't reply to you. go back to your ps3 shrine you hater.

bergoo2292d ago

First we all ready know your a nintendo-hating troll, so what you say doesn't have much weight.
And what you say makes you sound pretty young and immature.

We've heard from multiple people that the controller is very comfortable, light weight and ergonomic. Which all translates to comfortable extended play. So the only thing you could say that doesn't sound biased is that it "looks ugly", that would be your opinion.

Most of us read what nintendo tells us, and that we should be patient and wait for e3 for important info about the console. But YOU on the other hand, like to make predetermined opinions solely based on your dislike of nintendo.

ronin4life2292d ago

Ubisoft showed a couple of games at e3. And played them.
And what's wrong with a pre rendered video? Was it a problem for you with killzone years ago?

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MariaHelFutura2292d ago

I want to see what they are going to w/ an HD Mario. More specifically the art style.

MariaHelFutura2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Doob-la post.

pucpop2292d ago

more mario + nintendo poop? no thanks

krazykombatant2292d ago

I love how everyone is hating on nintendo.

Yeah sure the title of this article is misleading and should have been reported. That isn't a new game, but i guess it doesn't hurt to wish it was.

Personally I'm looking forward to seeing more on the WiiU this year.

gk072292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

i wanna see more more wii u ,i luv nintendo stuff and im ready to put my dough down : ) yep yep, that little car demo thing looked pretty dam good too me : )