GamingXP: AMY Review

Despite the somewhat slow start, poorly placed checkpoints, lack of (meaningful) information and ridiculous camera angles, AMY is a stand-out horror title with a successful atmosphere and exceptional protagonists.

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killerhog2353d ago

interesting review. the thing about the horror genre is, that it has a strong loyal following, regardless if people see horror films and games as crap, its fanbase will still watch/play it and appreciate/enjoy it.

gigreen2353d ago

You can be the biggest follower of the genre and you'll still most likely realize that AMY's a poorly executed piece of garbage.

The fact that it's survival horror doesn't doesn't give a bad game a free pass amongst fans the genre.

killerhog2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

and you are wayyyyyyy off. telling you right now you do not know the horror genre fans. just like true hardcore fighting game fans keep getting each iteration of street fighter games. george romeros latest zombie movies were pieces of crap (to me) but horror fans absolutely loved them. really do not comment if you do not know. but this is n4g and people like to pretend they know what they have no clue about.

Jake_the_Dog2353d ago

I still might buy it just because its a horror game, but with the poor checkpoints and item loss upon death, I might have to play it on easy.