Metro: AMY review - surviving horror

Everything about the game feels, and presumably was, cheap from the poorly translated dialogue (which often bears only a passing resemblance to the subtitles) to the terrible graphics. The whole game looks and controls like a bad PlayStation 2 title, with a hateful camera that will transport you back 10 years to the time when having a workable view of the action was viewed as a luxury.

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Army_of_Darkness2378d ago

Damn!! I'm sensing worst game is generation! Or at least for 2012. Looks like another studio out of business.

ilovemyps32378d ago

I was going to say that this is the first 1/10 game I see, but I can't talk.
Don't want to feel bad because I said something that makes me look like I'm a 30 IQ person. People,be careful while talking here. Don't try to be fun, and please, analyse 10 times what you're going to say,before you say it ;)

When you post a comment, if you're not going to look like you have a huge IQ, like 180, please,don't look idiot,and don't talk.


Army_of_Darkness2378d ago

Dude, wtf are you blabbering about?! Lol! Gamers here can say whatever they want, besides, my IQ is 31! BAM!