Play Eye of Judgement, no PS3 necessary

The all-seeing PS3 card battling title Eye of Judgement uses the included PlayStation Eye camera to recognize cards and bring amazing animations to the palm of your hand. It's a novel idea and a nerdy delight, but what happens when the power goes out? No worries, Tyler Tinsley has you covered with his tabletop adaption of Eye of Judgement.

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Real Gambler3755d ago

The whole principle with EoJ is being able to play with someone, anytime of the day or night. There's so many cards games available, like Pokemons or Magic the Gathering, where you have to go to your local card shop to play, I'm don't see the point of doing the same thing with EoJ unless you're in a camping trip somewhere in the wood, and really, really fill the itch to play a game. And even then, the PS3 is the ultimate referee, never making any mistakes in the the mana or h.p. count, making sure every single rules are ok, and also taking tab of which cards have been played... Remember, playing without the PS3, you have to make sure your opponent played only ONE hero, ONE phantom, only 3 leapfrogs, only 3 Flame Magus, and so on, and on... Play a second hero 20 minutes into a game, and the PS3 won't let you!

So, yes for camping trip, but I'm sorry, next time I'm playing against a japanese opponent, I don't want to fly 20 hours to do it!

Darkiewonder3755d ago

They may as well mix this IRL EoJ with Cosplaying each monsters like D&D

TANOD3755d ago

lot of people would now buy EOJ

Salvadore3755d ago

Cannot wait for Yu-Gi-OOOHHHHHHHHH!

season0073755d ago

the producer of the game should really make quality tabletop accessories like this so more players are into this great card game

(and o well i like how computer shuffle cards for me it seems so much fairer than hand shuffle anyways...)