Impressions about Beta Multiplayer Starhawk |

The conquest of the stars.

The Lightbox Entertainment studio has allowed us to test the closed session of the Beta Multiplayer Starhawk, anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive title, ended last Jan. 3.
Waiting to test yourself with the session open to all to be published, here are our impressions after long hours of play testing the characteristics of the mode of online challenges.
Following spiritual Warhawk headline with the debut of PlayStation 3, this Starhawk takes the same game mechanics in a different context, that of the stars and planets, bringing competing factions Rifter, humans extract the Rift, and Outcast , too exposed to human Rift and GM, in search of useful mineral for their survival conquering territories between the galaxies.

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Bathyj2235d ago

Sounds great (from what you can make of Google translation.)

He has a couple gripes, but they just seem like whining.

eg Complaining about updates, in this day and age its too be expected, doubly so with a beta.
Wide open spaces, more to encourage building I say.
And a b*tch about the having to create defensive structures because the other team had their sh*t together and were attacking well. I just dont know what to say about that one.

This game almost has me wishing I played online MP, but as a huge fan of the original Warhawk (thats the PSOne game) I'm still anticipating the SP campaign, and hope the play, create, share aspect will provide plenty for the SP gamer.

MikeGdaGod2235d ago

i loved the beta....i just had to pace myself so i didnt burn out on it before it even comes out