Top 5 PC exclusives of 2012

MyGaming looks at 5 reasons you need to be a PC gamer this year

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ATi_Elite2377d ago

List could easily be 10,15, or 20 but it's a good list!

BlmThug2377d ago

Diablo III is not a PC exclusive

lelo2play2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

"Top 5 PC exclusives of 2012"

Diablo III to be released for PC in 2012... console version probably not. They way Blizzard works the console version will most likely be released in 2013 or 2014. So i guess it's a PC exclusive for 2012.

SonyNGP2377d ago

Until Blizzard officially confirms it. The game is still an exclusive.

ATi_Elite2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I Don't think consoles are getting Diablo III.

they may get a Diablo Game but NOT Diablo III.

Diablo III is a PC Exclusive and even "IF" consoles get Diablo III the PC version will have so many extra features that it will be different from the console versions.

MS said NO to STEAM and I'm sure MS will say NO to so there goes Diablo console being like the PC version.

Besides no one can list a link where a Blizzard employee says "Diablo III console confirmed" only some tweet about a Diablo console project!

could be Call of Diablo: Dungeon Warfare for all we know!!

Ps3-PCgamer2374d ago

I said the exact same thing. Diablo "project" was being worked on for consoles not Diablo III. I just don't see how the whole would work on console. I'm a big SC2 fan and I just don't see that coming to console's mainly the 360. The PS3 is a more open platform and portal 2 did have steam stat tracking so you never know...

Kran2377d ago

Diablo III should really be removed if a console version is indeed being worked on

ATi_Elite2373d ago

Diablo III is NOT coming to console.

Blizzard is just exploring the idea of a "Diablo" game being made for console.

SolidGear32377d ago

Diablo III is coming to PS3 so why is it here? That would be just like putting The Witcher 2 on the list.

PCgamer4ever2377d ago

Diablo III on Consoles Still Not Confirmed

Kran2377d ago

Actually it's coming to "consoles". Nobody mentioned any specific console.

PCgamer4ever2377d ago

Good list but also for 2012:Tribes Ascend,Torchlight 2,PlanetSide 2,GTR 3 and rFactor 2.