Playstation Vita free AR Cards bundled at launch (South Africa)

While we have been anticipating the launch of the Vita for some time now... we have received confirmation that the PlayStation Vita will come bundled with six AR Play Cards and a voucher code to download three AR games, all for free. Those games are called Table Football, Cliff Diving and Fireworks. Augmented Reality is going to be a big part of the new gaming experiences the PS Vita has to offer.

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Thatguy-3102233d ago

would be better if they would bundle the device with some sort of memory card

Snookies122233d ago

They're really not that expensive man... If you can afford a Vita, surely you can afford a memory card, right?

Thatguy-3102233d ago

Yea but then the price isn't 250 since the vita is worthless without a memory card. I'm buying one regardless but I mean why not just bundle it with the device since it basically NEEDS it.

forevercloud30002233d ago

why is everyone actiong surprised by the memcards??!?!?! The PSP ALSO made you get a memory card seperate at launch. And not all games require a memory card just some. and if you just want to be able to play games its only an additional $20 for a 4GB. Stop crying. JebusChrist!

We all knew it didn't have on board memory, they told us so eons ago. The memory sticks are also perfectly priced seeing as they are actually the same(and cheaper in some cases) than pro duo NAME BRAND. You think just because certain shops sell you discounted knock offs that Sony should do the same? There is a price for quality and the only real ones to blame are the pirates that forced Sony to go proprietary in the first place.

banjadude2233d ago

I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with what you said, but wasn't it stated before, that some games allow you to save directly to the game stick?

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Kurisu2233d ago

Interesting. The augmented reality on the 3DS is good, and it'll be interesting to see how it works on the PS Vita. Wide Area Augmented Reality could make for some pretty unique titles.

hardandsloppy2233d ago

here u go, this video is awesome and shows how it can and possibly will be used

Kurisu2233d ago

I have seen that video, thats how I learnt about the WAAR :D but thanks for posting, I watched it again anyway!

KeybladeMaster2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

That's pretty cool. I can't wait to check it out when I get my Vita on February 15.

Off Topic: Got both copies of Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II in the mail just now. So excited to replay these games. Watching KH intro right now and getting very nostalgic. Seriously one of my favorite games ever. Square needs to hurry with Kingdom Hearts III.

Snookies122233d ago

Good on ya man, those are amazing games... Did you not grab RE:Chain of Memories too? o_o Just hoping Birth By Sleep 2 comes out for Vita! Also, they need to put Birth By Sleep and Crisis Core on the PSN so we can play them on Vita... :\

ronin4life2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I thought this was already confirmed...
I guess I was wrong.

Snookies122233d ago

It's confirmed now, so there's no problem, right? lol

eferreira2233d ago

nice, I get uncharted and ar cards free

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