ZTGD | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hands-on Impressions

Drew Leachman writes: I have to say, I’m actually a big Final Fantasy fan. I mean, I grew up with the games and loved them all. I even enjoyed XIII. Granted, I never finished the game, but I still liked what I played of it. Now that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming out soon, I gave the demo a try just to see how things are holding up.

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geddesmond2380d ago

Tried the demo too. They made the game more open by giving us side quests and more open and explorable areas but they took an already complicated combat system and made it even more complicated. I like how selling items give you good prices now but the addition of monsters and this time travel crap just add boredom and more learning curve to the game.

Story pacing is still crap with 100 meter tracks, cut scene, 100 meter track and another cut scene and what the hell is with the leveling system. I can see whats coming up next and I'm give no choice in what to pick.

FF13 left such a horrible taste in my mouth that I don't even have the patience to sit down for 1 hour and learn all the new things like the monsters in your party and such. I definitely won't be picking up the game for a year at least.

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The combat system wasn't that complicated to begin with. Maybe it's just not right for you, though. It's alright. That sorta thing happens. Or it could be like me with Lost Odyssey, and it takes a moment for you to figure it out. Yeah, you should give it a moment.

What do you mean you're given no choice? Unlike before, all your roles are in one Crystarium; each node levels just one role, but it has a different value depending the role you choose to level. On the monster side of things, the item you choose to level a node with determines how your stats increase: some items increase all stats, while others just increase one or two.

I know you're not complaining about a one hour demo's pacing. Yes, it's a full part of the story, but you really have NO idea about the pacing of the rest of the game; you're just tossing out some excuse for why you don't like it.

If you honestly didn't enjoy it, that's perfectly fine. But if so, don't come up with a bunch of excuses. This line summed up how you REALLY felt:

"FF13 left such a horrible taste in my mouth that I don't even have the patience to sit down for 1 hour and learn all the new things like the monsters in your party and such."

That explains your current distaste quite well, and would have been enough by itself.

Edit: You proved my first point quite well: the combat system wasn't complicated. Not if you could just "mindlessly press X" through most of the game.

Things like "FF13 left such a horrible taste in my mouth" don't mesh well with "Mate I got the platinum in FF13." People who don't enjoy a game on SOME level don't spend the time it requires to get a platinum in it, especially when it can be so time-consuming. You hated the battle system, but probably spent at least 100 hours using it to get the platinum trophy?

Fair enough when people don't like things I like. I honestly don't have a problem with that. I even said as much originally. But you, in particular, have already contradicted yourself, and your other complaints are... well, nitpicking at best. You can't get a feel for the story's pacing from a one-hour demo, and you were flat-out wrong about there not being any choices.

geddesmond2380d ago

Mate I got the platinum in FF13. The whole combat system and the way roles played a part in combat took a good while to get used to. Unless of course you just mindlessly pressed the X button until you got stuck and then searched the internet for role set ups to beat bosses because thats basicly all you had to do.

Why do you people get so sensitive when people don't like something you don't like. I mean seriously. Some of my favorite games of all time are FF games like FF 6,7,8,9 and 12. If I thought FF13 was good I would say that and if I liked the demo of FF 13-2 I would say that too. Theres no hidden agendas here mate so chill. I just giving my opinion of the demo.