Microsoft 'Struggling to Meet Xbox 360 Demand' in U.K.

With 310,000 Xbox 360s sold in the U.S. during Turkey week, Microsoft has to be happy with its momentum. Apparently Xbox 360 is in high demand in the U.K. as well.

Stephen McGill, head of gaming & entertainment for Xbox U.K., commented "We're struggling to meet the demand from every retailer every week. I think we've probably done it better than some of our cohorts out there, but it's a weekly thing--we're getting stock in, we're getting it straight out to the retailers who need it. Obviously we've got three different varieties--we've got the Arcade, the main 360, and the Elite. They're going to different types of customers, and different retail outlets."

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Multigamer3874d ago

the uk is 360 land and the uk is the biggest gaming market in europe without a shadow of doubt.

TANOD3874d ago

just look at the retailer charts for proof

I have posted the links on top

mikeslemonade3874d ago

They're struggling to meet demand because of the RRoDs. More and more people are buying more than 1 360. Shame on you MS.

caffman3873d ago

ASDA (WALMART) in the town I live in the UK. intial stock as of 1 November- 50 Arcades, 120 premiums, 40 Elites, 20 60GB PS3s, 200 40GB PS3s
Current stock (as of an hour ago) 0 Arcades, 12 Premiums, 1 Elite, 0 60GB PS3s, 147 PS3s.
Of course the UK is not buying 360s.
And before the diagrees start, yes I would know as my cousin is the manager of the electronics section.
Oh and you can't get an elite at Game or Gamestation either.

Anything but Cute3874d ago

What else can I say? It takes it's gaming very seriously.

wageslave3874d ago

The Xbox 360 Elite is unavailable every time I've asked for it -- and this is in the USA.

In Canada, I've found them stocked (as I have the Wii very often). But here in the USA, I often find the Elite out-of-stock all over the place.

The UK isnt the only place where demand is very high. You just have to look at the world-wide sales figures, the Xbox 360 is in incredible demand.

SDFm3rc3874d ago

I wasn't aware the Xbox 360 sold that many consoles in the UK.

I mean, as a Sony fan, even I can admit to the 360 kicking the sh!t outta the PS3 in the US, but I didn't realise it's basically doing the same thing across the water.

Each day it's getting harder and more difficult for Sony. I'm starting to feel very anxious for them.

P4KY B3874d ago

I now know 3 people with PS3s too. 1 of them sold a 360 to get it (and is regretting that decision)
The other 2 just got them because it seemed fashionable for about 2 weeks, and now they collect dust. Everytime i ask them what games they are playing they look embarrassed.
1 of them even asked me when Forza 2 was out for the PS3.

Anything but Cute3874d ago

PS3 Limps on and on = Anything but Cute

I'm one in the same.

razer3874d ago

Unlike many people here who try and pretend to be 5 different people.

Snukadaman3874d ago

Most of thse idiots have more then 3 accounts...agreeing with themselves...anything but coming out of the closet i suggest you make another account...cause both accounts will be demolished by this evening

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