Things That Irk Me in Mass Effect

Ryan Peter, a games journalist, tells us three things that he thinks Mass Effect could have done better but didn't.

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IronFistChinMi2378d ago

Definitely agree with the first 2 points, particularly number 1. I believe Bioware listened too much to the critics of the exploration aspect of ME1 and chose to go full on action, rather than enhance exploration and make it more entertaining. Selling more units could also be behind that decision as well.

The 3rd point didn't bother me so much, as this has been the way since FMV/cut-scenes have been around and I've become somewhat used to it.

Shortpants2378d ago

Yeah, and I think for ME3 it's going to have a really strong action focus. Pity. It'll still be fun but it's a pity the exploration thing wasn't just made better.

RedDead2378d ago

"One of the things about sci-fi that appeals to me is the vast expanse of space and all its mysteries. What planets await us in the universe? Wet planets, desert planets, jungle planets, ice planets, and others we probably haven't even dreamed of. What strange beasts might live on these planets? Insectoids mixed with apes. Giant blobs. Invisible spirit beings. The imagination can run wild."

This is what I would have loved for ME to do/ Will never happen now though.


This is what I was Expecting mass effect to do. I have a really old 360 mag I bought just before the 360 launched and there was a few pages on ME. They talked alot about different ideas and aspects of the game and from what they said they really made it sound like ME was going to end up like what you discribed above...

When I look at what the final game has become and what they talked about in that interview, well you would think they are talking about two totally different IP's.

Of all the new IP's this gen ME was the one I had the most hope for that would truely blow me away, unfortunately it didn't. ME1 was good but it had a lot of issues that I felt left it feeling a bit short. ME2 I was hoping would fix that and expand, instead it went off in a different direction and I really didn't like the approach with the story and all that.

Infact I dare say ME2 completely turned me off the series. ME I will play to finish the story but i am not in a hurry to buy it like I was the first two.

dmonee2378d ago

Human emotion comes with the brain being to decipher right from wrong. In theory, any adnvanced being with the ability to rationalize their actions would appear to be humanlike. That's why many Sci-Fi stories involve the so called,"intergallactic bar scenes". Every different race in the universe congregate to one area and, Hang out!
But, I too have a problem with the Mass Effect games. Like alot of Western RPG's, is riddled with go here, bring me back that, I will tell you where to go next objectives. I'm starting to feel like Western developers are taking us for suckers. Between Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim, all of them have a similar formula. Go to point A, to complete your objective. Point A will not give you, your objective until you do tasks x,y,z. Then point A, can't help you , and sends you to point B which has you do tasks x,y,z and then ultimately gives you your prize. It's this, over, over, and over again which is why I don't think I can stomach Mass Effect 3.
Plus, they added a multiplayer component, which just puts a bad taste in my mouth. It's an EA thing. It's also the reason, EA publishes very good, safe, AAA titles and never publishes Great titles. It's because they leech some of the great ideas and imput the tried but true gameplay mechanics of their competition. It's sad, but also the reason that Mass Effect 3 does nothing for me.

kneon2378d ago

While more exploration may be interesting if done well it seems out of place when you're trying to save the galaxy.

It already seems rather silly that you spend 3/4 of the game gathering a crew and dealing with their petty personal issues when you have a galaxy to save.

DARK WITNESS2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

not if there is a good reason to explore...

The story for the first mass effect was based around the whole mystry of the geths return,at least that is how it was first pitched, except when you actually played it you got to fight the geth almost right off the bat and trying to understand why they had returned turned into chasing a rogue specter for most of the game.. then it turned out it was the reapers who were going to return.

ME2 really messed it up. This time it was humans vanishing and noboy knew who was taking them. They could have built that up into a good mystry that could have you exploring a lot.. Instead the burst that whole bubble within the first mission almost and you spend like 80% of the game going from one place to the other just building your "team".

All the team building was basically one mission where you get to meet them and then a second mission which determins if they end up on your good side or not. throw in two collector appearances inbetween and then the finial showdown with the giant terminator baby... it could have been better.

Commanda shephard was not so much saving the galaxy as asking 101 of the most annoying questions in the universe!

Even without changing much, they could have made it so more of the first quater of the game was getting your crew then get into a deeper story and adventure finding out who and why the humans were going missing and then an explosive rouding up with more confrontations with the collectors ( boy they really went out of their way to come up with an original name there ).

Just my $2 anyway.

Shortpants2378d ago

Brilliant points.

"Commanda shephard was not so much saving the galaxy as asking 101 of the most annoying questions in the universe!"

Hahaha, that's so true.



To be really honest, if you asked me what was the single most annoying thing about me2 for me it would be a hard choice between how they started the games story or Shep's constant, neverending inability to put 2 and 2 together meaning he just 24 hrs questioning everyone one and thing in the galaxy.

note how shep starts nearly every pep talk with his team "How are you holding up?"

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