OXM: Why I'd take Black Ops 2 over another Modern Warfare

OXM UK: "There comes a time in every man, woman or videogame studio's life when you need to shrug on the trousers. A time to lead, to strike your colours. A time to say something along the lines of: "no, Soap, why don't you wait for me to open the goddamn door, you massive, load-pause-disguising control freak, oh and I'll be driving the cars in future, you scowling excuse for on-rails level design." It's all part of growing up, finding yourself, making your mark."

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arnyftw2262d ago

I'm only going to buy Treyarch cod games, I havent bought mw3 because I know its about the same as mw2. But im not gonna buy bo2 if it seems similar to bo. I hope it has at least some difference like different graphics, and different weapons and doesnt play the same as bo.

Play2Win2262d ago

Actually MW3 is the better game compared to BO. Maybe you're playing on consoles. But on PC MW3 looks and plays better than CoD BO. Well, on consoles it's the same for years now.

arnyftw2262d ago

Yeah I play on consoles, cod 4 looks exactly the same as mw3

cyborg69712262d ago

And if you think the game has changed even on pc your a crack baby. Same ole same ole.

Play2Win2262d ago

It changed on PC. SSAO for example. DoF is much better, weapon skins and overall picture is sharper.

scrambles2262d ago

you wont see any major changes til next gen.

josephayal2262d ago

Dude Black ops and MW is the same GARBAGE (cod4 is better)

GraveLord2262d ago

No. They're completely different.

Tonester9252262d ago

World at War is still my favorite.. It had its own feeling and grittiness to it. Blowing legs off with the sawed off shot gun ONLINE was great. BO had it but only on story mode. They sacrificed it for the customization -_-

Dropdeadll2262d ago

MW1 and MW2 the best cod games
treyarch cod's are boring -_-

SlyFoxC2262d ago

but you still buy them... >.<

Dropdeadll2261d ago

waw came after mw1.. friend sold me bo for 10$(his old ps3 broke, new ps3 bundled with bo) :-)

Jake_the_Dog2262d ago

Treyarch at least tries to make a better game, MW3 is an abortion of a game.

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