PS Vita Wont Go The Way Of The PSP - PlayStation EU Boss

NowGamer: Japanese launch doesn't determine PS Vita's fate in the West says SCEE president.

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Feckles2356d ago

Then it needs the western equivalent of Monster Hunter. Is there one?

TimmyShire2356d ago

The UK don't care about Monster Hunter. What it needs is GTA 5: Los Santos Stories.

knifefight2356d ago

That's exactly what he meant.

He meant that it needs something that moves units in NA and EU like Monster Hunter does in Asia.

That's what he meant by "it needs the Western Equivalent of Monster Hunter."

Uncharted will do nice things for it. We'll see if something else comes along that has HUGE mega-mainstream appeal the way MH does in the East.

ANIALATOR1362356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

@Knifefight From what I have seen, people in the UK don't care much for Nathan Drake. Everyone I know only plays Fifa and COD. Only a tiny view will actually venture out and try something new. GTA would definitely be a seller but I don't think the UK is big on on the move gaming unless its an iphone or something. Everyone is scared of being called an Xman or PS3nerd or whatever. It's ridiculous how gaming still can't be taken seriously these days.

knifefight2356d ago

Right, I didn't mean to put "do nice things" on the same level as "sell a buttload of systems" and I'm sorry if it appeared as though I did.

LightofDarkness2356d ago

CoD. Seriously, make a proper portable COD that looks, feels and plays like the console versions and watch the things fly off the shelves.

Slade2356d ago

no it wont. Not even close.

Anyone who wants cod will buy it on the pc, 360 or ps3

There have already been portable COD's and the DONT SELL

Redempteur2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

those aren't true CODs...the silly Cod on smartphone isn't COD.

If regular COD can sell on the wii , then it can sell on Vita no problem. no need for HD ( and the vita can pull it off without problems )

yna2355d ago


The strong point in any COD game of this gen is the Multiplayer, which is something that both the DS and PSP never had.

The Vita was made for multiplayer so COD on the Vita would be a lot different than any previous portable COD if you can play COD online anywhere, also the VITA itself has two analogue sticks so it's just perfectfor the job =D

TimmyShire2356d ago

I've already seen a lot of people saying they're not going to buy a Vita because of Japan's poorer sales - they think it'll get a reduced price in the rest of the world before long.

I don't believe it will. I think Sony are too arrogant to reduce the price so soon (and they ARE already losing money on it), and are more likely to offer bundles than reduce the price.

This comment seems to prove that. Either way, I'm looking forward to grabbing me one in Feb!

LightofDarkness2356d ago

"Sony are too arrogant to reduce the price so soon"

It's not arrogance, they simply can't afford to. It's why the memory cards are so expensive.

DonaldBeck2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

patapon was so sick, bring it to vita!

pata pata pata pon arghhhh memories.

TimmyShire2356d ago

That'd be fantastic on the touch screen too! ARGGGHHHHH!

Kurisu2356d ago

I played the Patapon demo but never bought the full game...I should have, because it was so much fun and that "Pata-pata-pata, pon, pon-pon, pata-pon!" was gold xD Got stuck in my head so much!

skyward2356d ago

PS vita's touch screen differentiates it from PS3/PSP/PS2 etc (maybe not iOS and tablets though) - but Sony needs to get some app-priced games on Vita to compete

Kurisu2356d ago

Isn't that what PS Suite is aiming for? I may be wrong though as I don't really know much about it.

hkgamer2355d ago

That is what PS suite is aiming for, but it seems that no developers care for the platform. I don't even think that the playstation certified tag is available for any mobile platforms other than Sony's.

I guess we just have to wait until the Vita comes out to see if the PS suite will actually be succesful.

Kurisu2356d ago

I bought a PSP at launch with Lumines, and that was the only game for a while that really interested me. In fact, I only bought a handful of PSP games throughout its lifespan (Lumines, Crisis Core, Dissidia and Chains of Olympus).

The Vita already has so much more at launch, and they are ALL games that I want. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan and a new Lumines (have it on my Xperia Play but it doesn't have a thing on the proper versions).

Then there games coming out later such as Final Fantasy X HD, Persona 4 and Ruin (or Warriors Lair as it's now called). Again, ALL of which I will be buying.

So I agree with the Sony EU boss, on a personal level, due to the sheer amount of games that I want to purchase. And to think, this is BEFORE the Vita has even launched. I'm sure there will PLENTY of unannounced games that I will be sinking my...palms in to.

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