Die Fanboy DIE

Albatross Revue | Our very own bile filled flame monkey posts his rebuttal of the why fanboys are good for gaming article from earlier this week.

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Jake_the_Dog2378d ago

Its always funny to read some of the nonsense posted by fanboys on both sides. When you own about all the systems out there, you can tell whats bs from a mile.

AlanWithTea2369d ago

I'm particularly fond of fanboy ravings that disregard facts.

One that I've heard a few times is about how the Tomb Raider series was ruined by not being exclusive to the Playstation, and how it should have stayed there on its original platform.

This argument completely overlooks the fact that its original platform was actually the Sega Saturn.

AlbatrossRevue2378d ago

It is supposed to be a tongue in cheel rebuttal of an an earlier article, don't take it too seriously