New Ninja Gaiden 3 trailer shows "Multiplayer"

Team Ninja has released a new trailer for Ninja Gaiden 3 showing off the multiplayer portion of the game for the first time to fans.

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crematory2202d ago

mark my words the multiplayer will lag like hell:(

Captain Qwark 92202d ago

more importantly, like almost any multiplayer thats not racing or shooting, it will be forgettable. at least the sp looks awesome as hell

xVeZx2202d ago

compared to ng2 where limbs were flying off and people with no arms and legs were crawling and hopping to fight you ng3 looks like absolute garbage

xVeZx2202d ago

not all games need multiplayer

ceedubya92202d ago

Yep, and this is one of those games. Everything that I've seen so far tells me that the multiplayer was a rushed attempt to add replay value to a single player game in our now online focused generation.

If companies are so worried about gamers not finding value in 60 dollar single player experiences, then maybe they should instead chop off 10-20 bucks and go from there.

Perjoss2202d ago

Something tells me even the single player is not going to come close to being as good as previous games in the series.

nightmarex1212202d ago

Seem like more and more action adventures will have some kind multiplayer now and it's becoming pretty much a standard, with dante inferno, assassin creed, ninja gaiden, and even with the rumor god of war.

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