7Bit Arcade: No Multiplayer Please

Games, at their very core, are all about fun. We play games for many reasons, but the basis for all these reasons will usually be because we enjoy them or, if you’re anything like me, enjoy being bad at them. For the majority of us, things a lot more fun when we share them, which is why multiplayer has been part and parcel of games since day one. But what happens when these features are abused? Ben Tyrer argues that multiplayer is best used sparingly

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MrMister2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Ugh i'm tired of people who try to stiffle innovation like this article does. If you dont like the MP (Multiplayer) in a game, then dont play it. Simple as that. When they announced that Assassins Creed would have MP, everyone (including me) cried foul--but once we played the beta it was clear that it worked very well and was one of the best MP ever made. AC's multiplayer even won several awards. I welcome MP in games that dont specifically seem like MP would be fitting, as it causes the developer to stretch their imagination and give us innovative ways to play. A teams focus on MP doesn't have to negatively impact single player either.

Also, the article argues that the MP doesnt do justice to the story: but so what? The MP is a way to keep the GAMEPLAY fresh, by allowing us to play with other people (who takes us to new heights in term of challenge). If I enjoy the gameplay (not just the story) of Uncharted 3 (for example), I want a reason to keep playing. Online is that reason. I already enjoyed the story and now it's over. But now I just want a challenge via the gameplay mechanics. MP is the best and most viable option to keep the game feeling fresh for months to come.

bentyrer2382d ago

Firstly, thanks for reading the article MistaDonzie!

I would like to say though that I did use Brotherhood as an example where I thought that Multiplayer was needed and it certainly enhanced the appeal of the game for me and proved that a spilt focus doesn't mean a poorer single player.

However, the examples I used, Dead Space and Bioshock, stuck out as games where MP had a knock-on effect on the campaign (Bioshock 2) or it didn't fit the gameplay (Dead Space 2). I enjoy the gameplay for both games, but the online modes don't feel suited to that gameplay.

I'll admit the title is a bit histrionic, but I hope I got across the fact that I'm not against innovation, just bolting on MP for the sake of it.

MrMister2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Dead Space MP is the only big stretch that I can agree with. I enjoyed Bioshock 2's mp even if it's senseless when compare to the storyline. Dead Space's MP is really not all that necessary though. If I want 3rd person MP, i'll play Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Metal gear Online, etc. Dead Space online would've been better as a hordes mode (co-op) or a content creation (like making scenarios/maps and sharing them online like Portal 2, LBP2 or Infamous 2). The COMPETITIVE online in Deadspace 2 was definitely tacked on and quite tacky in general. But SOME kind of online was necessary to move sales. The economy has people thinking twice about buying a game. When I buy a game, it has to keep me engaged at least for a year. Online provides that. Yet Deadspace's MP is a quick and lazy attempt to give a game longevity.