UK Retailer Reveals New Medal of Honor & Need for Speed Titles

Electronic Arts is no stranger to remodelling franchises, with some of its biggest titles receiving new releases year-after-year. This year however, it appears that the recently rebooted Medal of Honor franchise is to receive another instalment, alongside the thirteenth edition of the hugely popular Need for Speed franchise.

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rattletop2377d ago

enjoyed the previous MoH multiplayer a bit but can be improved in a lot of ways. wonder what danger close can do this time around. pretty sure both moh and nfs will use FB 2

mathsman2377d ago

Medal of Honor was not my thing at all. Loved the originals, hated the reboot.

NFS will be good as long as it's the Criterion project, not another hand-me-down release like The Run...

ironfist922377d ago

I'm hoping its either Hot Pursuit 2, Underground 3, or Shift 3.

The Run was terrible.

Oldman1002377d ago

Most Wanted was pretty awesome. I'd like to see a sequel to that as well.

morkendo232377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

@ ironfist

u mean HOTPURSUIT 3 blackbox studio beat them on HOTPURSUIT 2 title.

and yeah, "THE RUN" was lame as CARBON,PROSTREETS,UNDERCOVER,H OTPURSUIT (CRITERIONS) to much like BURNOUT or RIDGE RACER with all the drifting!!!! that is not NFS.

csreynolds2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I agree entirely. The MoH reboot's SP was good but short, and multiplayer was a big let down for me. DICE did a great job with Bad Company 2, yet made a royal cock-up with this.

Re: NFS, because of how brilliant NFS: Hot Pursuit was I won't be buying another NFS title unless Criterion Games is behind it. Still playing Burnout Paradise 4 years on...

a_bro2376d ago

Burnout Paradise: reason why i let Criterion continue to handle the NFS franchise.

mcstorm2377d ago

Im looking forward to MoH I liked the story in the SP just far too short. I would like MoH to go back to the WW2 games though but lets have a twist to it and play the Germans or maybe lets do bot where you start as a German and then move over to be a USA or UK troupe.

mcstorm2377d ago

Sounds good look forward to seeing more of this game. Thx for the info.

iamnsuperman2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I enjoyed the SP for MoH. It was short and had technical problems but it was the first modern warfare story I have played that felt realistic and not over the top. It was very grounded and that is what I loved about it

Johandevries2377d ago

Me too. I think the campaign really made sense, unlike most shooters these days. I am definitely looking forward to an improved part two

Ness-Psi2377d ago

I liked the moh reboot, but it needs its own identity. I felt like it was a bit like cod greatest hits. also level design could be better.

I also liked the run, but the story bits were so far few they could of done without them.
looking forward to see the next installments of both franchises.

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