58 Wii Games You Must Play Before the Wii U Release Date

Aussie-Gamer thought they'd get together a list of 58 must-play Wii games you should invest in before you go ahead and buy a Wii U later this year. The best part is you still have time to finish them all!

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Venox20082383d ago

not bad, but my list is better ^^ :)

resistance1002383d ago

Red Steel? Seriously? That was an awful launch title, horrible controls and glichly.

But your calling it a technological marvel!

Venox20082383d ago

Actually I liked first Red steel like a game, but it had broken sword controls, but I still finished it and was happy.. Second Red Steel was waaaaayyyy more awesome! :)

MurDocINC2383d ago

Where's Mario Party? That's the most fun you can have with friends.

MetalX2383d ago

Will Wii games be playable on WiiU?. Have Nintendo said anything about it?.

Instigator2382d ago

Some of those games are questionable, like Red Steel and Disaster, but overall a good list. Deadly Creatures and Mushroom Men could have replaced those two.

The most essential ones aside from the obvious 1st Party titles is No More Heroes 1 & 2, Xenoblade and Monster Hunter Tri IMO.

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