Analyst believes PS3 will win war and Don Reisinger laughs

Don Reisinger writes, "According to an analyst over at Screen Digest discussing video game trends with Economist, not only will the Playstation 3 beat out the Xbox 360 in this generation's console war, he fully expects Sony's console to surpass the Wii by 2011."

"The reason: as more games become available for the Playstation 3, more people will find a reason to buy the console, which will propel Sony to the top spot."

"Although I can see where the analyst is coming from, I think he's dead wrong. Will the Playstation 3 overtake the Wii? Absolutely. But will it beat out the Xbox 360 when it's all said and done? Not a chance."

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HarryEtTubMan3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha I CAN'T WAIT THE 360 IS GONNA LOSE AND I KNOW IT.

sERISOULY IS THIS GUY A MORON... The 360 HAD A YEAR HEAD START is and already being dominated by the Wii. PS3 isnt gonna lose JUST BECAUSE the 360 had a head start. HAHAHA We will see. I know the PS3 is gonna beat the 360 and the 360 will without a doubt COME IN LAST PLACE.

You can always look to tHE rOUND PEG and especially Bloodmask for a good laugh. Living in Halo la la land.lmao

The 360 sold 25 million with its last console and realistically I think it MIGHT can double that...but even now its only at 14 million with Halo and EVERYTHING big released taht anyone cares about. Do u think the PS3 will ONLY sale 50 million in its 10 year life cycle? hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahh ahahaha
This guy is basically pretending that the 360 hasnt been caught by the Wii. He also pretending that beucase Microsft rushed the 360 out a year ahead... Even though the PS3 is already picking up steam everywhere.. they the PS3 can never catch up... not now, not when the 360 is long gone and the PS3 is still out for 5+ years....

What we have on out hands here is a lieing CNet XBOT. The 360 isn't gonna beat anyone in the end.

XBOT I have both systems. Obviously he's "pretending" to himslef that the PS3 is now not getting all the multiplatforms too....and many exclusves every year. You don't base a whole console war on 2007
9which the 360 STILL didnt even win with halo) becuase it was the 360's big 2007 release year with HALO. HAHAHA This is a joke. We will see in 2008 and BEYOND(when the PS3 is releasing MUCH BIGGER games than Biochunk and Ass Effect....NOE EVEN KNOWS WHAT THAT IS HAHAHAHA. PS3 is gonna beat the 360 in the end. I don't know about the Wii but I think it will be close. This 360 isn't gonna beat ANYTHING in the end.

littletad3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

All you read were "bogus" statements that offended your platform. I like to call them opinions or sometimes facts if theirs sources. But he did not say BECAUSE of the head start. He said because of software.

PS3PCFTW3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

honetly, 360 is doomed in 08.

gamesblow's post below me pretty much sums it up. those that disagree with him and me and others here that speak the truth cannot stop people from buying a ps3 over a 360. Yu guys here dont matter wen people go buy systems. Deny it all you want, but in the end you xbots lose. get ready for it, its inevitable

playstation is unstoppable in its second year .No matter WHat the odds. ALWAYS

3818d ago
gamesblow3818d ago

Xbox 360's sales are slowing everywherre... The thing is 25 million xbox were sold and most of those were in America. Over 17 million of them. Those are the ones buying into the xbox 360... not ps2 and Nintendo cube owners.

Next year will be a telling year... hell, this one was. PS3 has dominated the xbox 360 in europe for the last 4 months. That doesn't account for anything?

Please... Ps3 is going to steam roll next year and pick up more and more momentum. Anyone who disagrees is a SLOP DONg.

TANOD3818d ago

However SONY is faced with stiff competition this term.

SONY should learn from this that a 400$ console is what everyone wants.

I believe that PS4 would be launched at a price of 400/500.

unlimited3818d ago

Wii is going to be the one to push off in the top spot. If the PS3 overtake it then the 360 will be in last place..i dont know what the hell his trying to tell us...The 360 I expected it to really dominate over the PS3 but i dont see it happening at all right now. The install base is only up to 13 million I know for sure the PS3 can catch up in 2008. Sony sold at least 7 million PS3s already world wide or even more.. If Microsoft really expected to beat out SOny they need to sell at least 15-20 million 360s already.

richie007bond3818d ago

Xbox 360's sales are slowing everywhere.hhahahahhahhahahaha h ur cracking me up,sad sony deluded fanboy.Seriously you should become a comedian thats the biggest joke ive heard all year,the 360 is wiping the floor with the ps3.hahahahahahahahahahahahaha haahahahahahah am sorry i just cant stop laughing hahahahh

Kleptic3818d ago

the day I see some blogger, internet wannabe, or "person-in-the-know" point out the most obvious fact about this console war...and still come up with a decision...then I will listen...

what none of these "reports" point out is the matter of time in which each console will be around...and looking at that is what creates a much clearer picture of this generation a few years from now...

the 360 is already rumored to have a replacement announced by the end of 2008...with a potential launch in late 2009...same life span as the Xbox...and the exact life span that MS said they wanted to implement in the industry...

as far as the Wii...most likely a similar obviously doesn't have legs to stick around until 2011+ on a technology level (as HD penetration increases, that will become much more apparent)...

the PS3 has by far the ability to be on shelves the longest...SCE has supported each console longer than other companies have...and that alone can equate to the PS3 selling the most units by the end of this generation...

its very likely could be the 360 being in front when IT leaves the market...that is MS pulling the plug on support for it and getting replaced...just like the 360 launch...and overall console sales are just that...overall console sales...if MS replaces the 360...the PS3 will kick the shat out of the new unit for the better part of 2 years at least...just as the PS2 did to the 360...not to mention what happens at that point with developers disliking shorter console life spans...refer to Sega for what happens in that department...

I am not saying the PS3 is going to blow everything away...I am saying that "no chance" of the PS3 catching the 360 is 100% ignorant...most professional trackers are saying that the 360 is on track for a ~35 million consoles sold mark by the time the 360 is replaced...about ~10 million more than the first Xbox...when was the last time a PS branded console sold less than 35 million units?...the PS3 matched the 360's first year (which had only the ps2 to compete with...and lost)...and did it with nothing but poor media buzz, relatively few titles, and stiff competition from 2 other consoles...

you are an idiot if you think the trends now tell the story of what it will look like 3-4 years from now...

lawman11083818d ago

Oh really? show your proof you Sony bot, the ONLY country in Europe I saw that the PS3 out sold the 360 was Spain. England LOVES the 360, so if you want to make a statement like that you better show up with some proof ! If you EVER made a neg. remark about your beloved PS3 people may actually give a $hit about what you post. The 360 has it's faults but it overcomes them by giving people who buy it the goods. So in closing................

BrianC62343818d ago

I agree. And 2008 will be The Year of PS3. So many great games coming out all year. I don't know of a single 360 exclusive coming in 2008 anyone really cares about. The PS3 is starting its second year. The second year for the 360 was its big year. The second year for the PS3 will make this year look mediocre. This time next year all the 360 fans will be lining up to get a PS3.

FirstknighT3818d ago

Why do you have lie for??? The 360 has been selling over 100k a week since Sept. With over 300k this past Black Friday weekend while the ps3 only hit 200k. The 360 is on FIRE!!!!

Stop your lying.

R M Spender3818d ago

what games do you even play? you just trash talk systems like you are paid to do it. whats the point? how can you defend a system so hard with jack for games to play? if playstation 3 was worth buy i would have got it and if it ever is i will but i gotta jump in and argue with losers like you that argue about which sytem is better like it matters. will you get paid if sony wins the"console war"? hell no! will your parents be proud of you if they knew what you did all day? hell no. will you ever get a girlfriend...

BLUR1113818d ago

yes i think so just by looking at the ps1 and ps2's killing the others game consoles at there time oh and god of war3, gt5, and metal gear 4 shlT you tell me who's going to win... ohh and gamesblow is cool , hes not a fanboy hes just open minded unlike stupid fanboy nerds

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PS3 Limps on and on3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

"Although I can see where the analyst is coming from, I think he's dead wrong. Will the Playstation 3 overtake the Wii? Absolutely. But will it beat out the Xbox 360 when it's all said and done? Not a chance."

I smell XBOT.

If you go by current trends, right now it looks like the Wii is gonna take it. This consoles supply can't even meet demand. How things will change in the future, it's anyones guess really. But right now it looks like the Wii is the hottest thing and that's all I know to be fact.

TANOD3818d ago

Wii is now the leader and wii sells in Na,japan and Eu

x360's only battleground is Na ....even in Na it is no2 . It is no3 in both Japan and EU and sales would slide from now onwards.

There is no way PS3 will not win this war

PS3 Limps on and on3818d ago

I'm just saying it how it is. Not taking either side.

This guy is a 360 fanboy for saying the PS3 will pass the Wii but not the 360. What evidence is there? Wii is the hottest selling right now.

No one can predict the future, but if you go by current sales, Wii is the winner.

EZCheez3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

What are you this week, a Wii fanboy?

You are worse than the worst fanboys on this site.

EDIT- Below- Keep telling yourself that. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

PS3 Limps on and on3818d ago

I guess that makes me a fanboy of the truth now.

richie007bond3818d ago

LMAO another deluded sony fanboy...wake UP

littletad3818d ago

The ps3 isn't outselling the 360 in the UK. Seriously the only region most people brag about is Japan.

Danja3818d ago

ohh wow dude the UK...isn't the UK apart of EU ??.

PS3 outsells the 360 in EU...they're others cuntries in EU oyther than the UK and when you add up those figures will see that the PS3 is killing the 360 in has already halfed the 360 total install base in 9 months...!!

and the 360 isn' outselling the PS3 by that much in the UK...either

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lilwingman3818d ago

It will be an interesting couple of years. While I expect the PS3 to continue the trend right now and win the EU and Japanese market on a weekly basis, I don't think it will ever consistently outsell the 360 in NA. There may be sporadic weeks when the PS3 outsells the 360 (MGS4, GoW3) but generally speaking I think the 360 will win the NA market - albeit by a smaller margin than it is right now.

TANOD3818d ago

Na will also be won by PS3.

x360's biggest weapon halo3 couldnt convert any ps2 fan.

did u listen to the analysts at GT . just listen and then comment

moses3818d ago

PS3 will NOT win America o_o... I have no idea what you are saying, I mean, we are more open to foreign products but our own will still reign supreme in our own country.

gamesblow3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

when more people adopt HD-tv's into their living room... "keep in mind, not even 30% own then right now and even less own a 1080P like some of us" That's when you'll see a huge surge in Ps3 sales. Wait and see. this year Ps3 laid the ground work... next year it starts to build on that same ground.

wageslave3818d ago

Be realistic. What on *EARTH* makes you think that a new HDTV isnt just as well served with a Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is a better game machine, and a better contender in The Battle for the Living Room (remember that?).

Consoles are general purpose machines, and MS is a software firm. MS is out-competing Sony by leaps and bounds. Sony is playing years behing the curve.

Its not even close. Any new HDTV will *WANT* a Windows Media Center Extender. They *want* Marketplace downloads. They *want* LIVE Messenger in the living room.

And on and on and on.

iJae3818d ago

I can't say I'm terribly excited about "extending" my media. I own a dvd player and ipod (plus speakers) for music and movies. the games are handly superbly by the ps3, ps2 and snes under my television.

consoles are gaming machines. there is no "battle for the living room." that was a marketing created problem for microsoft and the xbox to solve. barely anyone was clamoring for an all in one to connect to their pc.

about the ONLY thing i like of the new features, is mp3s on my console for custom soundtracks. yep. otherwise, whatever.

lamini3818d ago

Uhmmmm I don't WANT a Windows Media Extender
I don't WANT Windows LIVE messaging
I dont even know anyone on Window's LIVE
We're not all Windows junkies not everyone wants anything with the Microsoft logo on it.

360 biasism isn't a very healthy thing.

ry-guy3818d ago

The Xbox is the only one trying to extend the media experience? Are you kidding me?

What is Sony and the Playstation 3 trying to do? They're entering the digital media download phase with the PSN. If that doesn't scream "we want a piece of the digital media pie" than I don't know what does.

Oh yeah, putting a BluRay DVD player on the console isn't trying to push a different media experience, now is it? Hmmmmm.

They are both competing for a place in the living room as a mantle piece to play your DVDs, play your music, etc. Mind you, right now Xbox 360 is the only one that supports plugging your iPod in and streaming music from that I bet we'll see PS3 doing the same with their next major firmware upgrade.

MRMagoo1233818d ago

Wageslave ur an idiot not everyone wants windows in their house there just isnt a choice microshaft have been bringing out crap since forever i certainly dont want to have anymore microshaft junk shoved down my throat.They will certainly lose this console war xbox isnt doing as well as you would like to think the three games shops i go to arent selling anywhere near as much 360s as wii and ps3.All in all microshaft cant make anything that isnt bugged up to the eyes with problems they wont ever get it right cos they care about nothing but mass producing crap.

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