Can't afford Minecraft? Pirate it, says creator

Creator of hit sandbox-builder wants everyone to play his game - even if it leads to piracy.

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Pikajew2350d ago

More devs have to be like Notch

dark-hollow2350d ago

Not all indie devs can afford their games to be priated.

SilentNegotiator2350d ago

Notch can afford it, and they're using it to expand on their fanbase. You're sure to reel in some pirate sympathizers (psychologically), people who pirate the first game but buy the next, etc.

Plus "'Indie' (Because you're SO indie when you're reeling in 50 Mill.) Game Developer says 'Pirate My Game'" makes for good headlines.
"Oh yeah...Minecraft. That game I almost bought. I remember. I think I'll buy it now";
Making Headlines = Free Publicity.

You really don't lose simply by saying "pirate my game" if you've already sold millions of attract people that I described. It's no skin off of his nose if a couple people pirate the game in the process of getting free publicity. Do you think Kotick sheds a tear every time a copy of CODMW3 is pirated?

I don't approve. Encouraging people to pirate, especially from such a position, is unhelpful to REAL indie devs.

Wenis2350d ago

Mojang IS an indie developer. It doesn't matter how much they're making... the fact is they are independent of a publisher..

kaveti66162350d ago

His logic makes perfect sense. Anti-piracy people often don't understand it.

Think about this way. If you can't afford to purchase a game, then you're not a potential customer. Potential customers are people who are willing AND able to purchase things. So you're willing but you're NOT able, and thus if you pirate the game, you are not a potential sales loss.

It's true that there are some people out there who can afford to purchase a game but choose to pirate it instead. However those people may just as easily fall under the category of "able but not willing." In that case, they may also not lead to potential sales losses because they are still not potential customers. Hey, it's true. Some people pirate things simply because they can, and not because they're interested in it.

But there are also some people out there who are both "willing and able" to purchase a product, which means they are interested in the product and are able to afford it, but because the option to pirate it is available they defer to it and that is a lost sale.

The people who make music, video games, and movies, and other entertainment have no way of figuring out which pirates are "willing but not able," "not willing but able," and "willing and able." So they clump them all together and say they've lost a ton of money through piracy despite the fact that some of these pirates, perhaps a lot of them, were never going to purchase the product anyway.

ZombieNinjaPanda2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

From the sounds of it, Notch is trying some damage control from all his mess ups. Unless Jeb said this.

Edit: Yep, Notch trying some damage control. It's funny how he never replies to tweets asking him why his game crashes constantly on some computers, why glitches from alpha are still in the game, and why it's such an intense resource hog and has memory leakage.

Edit2 :

Also the kid won't be able to play multiplayer.

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Lazy_Sunday2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

What he means is that if you do not have $25, or your family doesn't have $25 to give you to pay for a game that will keep you busy for endless amounts of entertainment, then you can pirate it.

When it's acceptable:
If you don't own a phone
If you don't own a computer
If you don't own a house
If you live in a third world country
If the only computer you use is in a library

Otherwise you're a total asshole, the deal is great for the amount of time you'll spend playing it, rich, poor, or in between.

ZombieNinjaPanda2350d ago

"If you don't own a computer."

Pretty hard to play minecraft if you don't own a computer. Unless you mean the family computer.

chevaliergod2350d ago

Lol I actually live in a third world country where it's really hard to get internet dollars.

I'd gladly pay for this game as soon as I can, but right now I'm playing a pirated copy.

Kran2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Yes. Developers need to be like a guy who would have a go at two of the Internets greatest minecraft players accusing them of things he soon clarified they did not actually do.

... :/

Disagreers: It's true though. I'm not hating on Notch, I just think sometimes he over reacts a lot. I mean he's acting as if Minecraft is so great that it needs to be pirated... thats kind of childish.

vortis2350d ago

He also dissed Euclideon, which could be the greatest game engine ever made. I mean, more than anything you'd want to HELP someone make progress on a project like that, not hinder it with negativity.

Notch is kind of a douche at times.

iamtehpwn2350d ago

Bill Gates once said something to the effect of "If you're going to pirate, pirate *our* products. You guys don't get it. The reason they make remarks like this isn't because they don't want people to buy their games, but its essentially free viral marketing. They will increase the game's popularity through word of mouth.

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Chaostar2350d ago

If you can't afford €19.95 you need to be out looking for a job, not playing Minecraft.

Support your devs people.

LAWSON722350d ago

Actually most likely if you can not afford minecraft you probably don't have a decent PC to run it

RedDead2350d ago


Decent run minecraft?

Halochampian2350d ago


Yes.. Minecraft is quite intensive

Solid_Snake372350d ago


wow the ignorance in your comment is overwhelming

360ICE2350d ago

If you've been on the internet before you can't honestly say you find his ignorance overwhelming :P

ZombieNinjaPanda2350d ago

There's a huge difference between intensive and shoddily developed.

Memory leaks doesn't mean it's intensive, it means there's a problem.

Bloodraid2349d ago

Please don't sit there and try to act like you know what you're talking about when you clearly do not.

Minecraft is written in Java, and Java has built-in garbage collection, which makes memory leaks virtually impossible to get on accident. Unless you're sitting there and creating endless amounts of new objects and holding their references forever, it wont happen.

Besides, even if there were a memory leak, the game would constantly give OutOfMemoryExceptions because there's no heap space available, which doesn't happen unless your PC can't doesn't have enough RAM available to begin with.

With that said, the game is indeed CPU intensive. Not only does the game need to render a hefty number of polygons, but it also uses OpenGL's immediate mode rendering, rather than using VertexBufferObjects and Shaders.

Oddly, their reason behind this was to make the game available to as many people as possible. But seriously, if your graphics card doesn't support OpenGL2.0 (which came out in 2004), what're the odds that your computer can even run the game anyway?

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LAWSON722350d ago

most likely if you can not afford minecraft you probably don't have a decent PC to run it

vortis2350d ago

If you can't afford Minecraft you probably also don't have the intelligence to play.

fullmetal2972350d ago

That much money? I bough Minecraft back when it wasn't mainstream and it only cost me ten dollars USD.

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Alabaster2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

It seems like every dev is encouraging piracy in one way or another these days.

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