Manhunt Aftermath: Postal's Developer Speaks

1UP contacted Running with Scissors head honcho Vince Desi, an outspoken supporter of freedom of speech for game developers, to discuss the AO rating.

1UP: You've called the Adults Only rating the videogame industry's form of the scarlet letter. From a developer's point of view, what's the most frustrating part of the whole ESRB rating process?

Vince Desi: From a developer's point of view the main problem or frustration with the ESRB is that they hold the power to crown you or hang you. Unfortunately they are not really an independent organization, they are owned by the large publishers, so there really is not independence. I think they actually try to do their best in 'rating games' but lately there is too much confusion. Now they rate websites and game trailers too. I don't care if they would just be considered a rating board, but the worst problem is that their rating system is in invalid and not applied realistically or objectively. Why have a rating of AO if you can't sell it; why not just rate it with a capital i for illegal, since you will never be able to buy it in a store?

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He made some very good points.