5 games that just disappeared

Cancelled, put on hold or left in limbo – MyGaming takes a look at 5 titles that were announced, or implied, but seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth. Where oh where did these titles go?

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stonecold32232d ago

hopefully the getaway and eight days may get released sony hasnt brought any getaway series out this gen and it need to be released same goes for eight days what happened to eyeidentify it wasnt metioned also cmon sony get these games out now it been far to long eyepet is finished give us some info

GanjaMan2232d ago

Yh i haven't heard anything about getaway 3 it was one of the main reasons i got a ps3! I loved the first one, my dad randomly bought it me one day and i was like 10 at the time (he doesn't care about ratings infact i watched hellraiser at 7/8) and it even made me get the 2nd one which wasn't as good but have been waiting for getaway 3 for 6/7 years now and NOTHING! :(

BitbyDeath2231d ago

I think they set the bar to high for themselves and in order to avoid embarassment will wait til nextgen.

Eyedentify is another game that was shown with some really cool tech but never released.

StraightPath2231d ago

Getaway 3 needs to come back...perhaps next gen? Getaway 1 was awesome.

zeal0us2231d ago

Six Days in Fallujah should be on the list. Haven't heard anything about that game for like the last 2 or 3 years.

Brownghost2231d ago

Well one of the Developers is working on GTA V so the gameplay may be similar to right days since he's one of the head developers

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SolidGear32232d ago

I want Redwood Falls, Mars and Dreamfall Chapters!

Fyflin2232d ago

Half life 2: episode 3 please:)

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MGS_fanatico_2232d ago

Oh, those early 2005 teasers... :) I still remember Phil Harrison's demo's at E305... Good times, man you kind of miss the guy too (he's since then left the company).

MrBeatdown2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I'd kill for a Dino Crisis game. Dino Crisis 2 was an action-heavy game with two characters and a great story that ended with a cliffhanger. Resident Evil 5, would be a great foundation for a DC game. Then they can go with a traditional survival horror route with Resident Evil.

Plus, there is a severe lack of games with dinosaurs this generation.

Captain Qwark 92232d ago

agreed, i had no problems with dino crisis being a rip of resident evil with dinosaurs. they should have kept it that way instead of that nonsense 3. and i agree once more, have RE go back to what it used to be and use RE5 as the basis for dino crisis games

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