Prediction Sees Death of Sony or Microsoft This Year: Our Thoughts

My opinion is that Nanea is wrong, although she’s thinking a generation ahead. I don’t think 2012 is the year that all this will go down but she’s right in one thing: Cloud based gaming services like OnLive and Gaikai will eventually be the forefront of gaming, once international infrastructure improves. It makes gaming far more accessible, cross-platform on any device and doesn’t rely on limited stock inside a retailer. It also gives you that instant gratification that when you want the game, you can have it.

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stonecold32326d ago

sony and microsoft arent going anywhere anytime soon they are here to stay?

DesVader2326d ago

Time will tell. We have seen giants in gaming disappear before despite having supreme market share. I love the idea that cross platform rising up...screw this segregation nonsense!

granthinds2326d ago

Yup, let's work together!