Microsoft Offers Free Copy of Windows Vista Ultimate if you Surrender Privacy

Via NotebookReview:

"Need a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate? Are you incredibly trusting of big corporations? Well I have the deal for you, with a new program through Microsoft called the Windows Feedback Program. For the small price of privacy and perhaps some dignity, you can let Microsoft watch your every move for 3 months, in return for some software of your choice. Surveys are also required, one at the start, and then another in 2 week intervals, but compared to the bigger issue those are pretty painless. Some might find this to be an excellent deal, with software prices high, and cost of your free time to be almost nothing at all."

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UnblessedSoul3728d ago

Or you can just download it for free, but you wouldn't do that because vista is garbage

TriggerHappy3728d ago

Speaking of garbage, I just finished uninstalling mine. And I would pick XP over vista anyday.

Says you3728d ago

Market share humongous but they want the consumers to sacrifice their privacy so they can have a bigger piece of the wishbone considering people are starting to buy "mac" hell I want them to be in the marketshare that way they can sacrifice their software instead of apple getting alot of the Viruses on theirs.

davez823728d ago

but i dont want to contribute to this spreading over the net and getting people arrested by MS.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3728d ago

Vista sucks too much! Its not worth!

+ You can just download every damn microsoft thing including all games for x360 FREE

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The story is too old to be commented.