Rumor unfounded, Retro not currently working on a new Zelda

Retro working on a new, unannounced Zelda title? Not likely–at least not with the available facts.

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jc485732234d ago

wow, why would Retro make a Zelda game?

blaaah2234d ago

Yeah especially considering Aonuma said he had taken the reigns after ss and wants to make TLOZ his own...

krazykombatant2234d ago

Ummm the rumor from what I heard at gamesradar was that they were working on the next Metroid Prime game.

Gr812234d ago

Though tbh I don't care what there next game is, Zelda Metroid DK, its all good.

mike1up2234d ago

I am actually a little disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, because I am not one of those "Zelda needs to change" people. I am a true fan. As fan I was really interested on how Retro would approach this series. I love what they did for Metroid. And if Capcom can make a decent Zelda title, then I am positive that Retro could do something phenomenal. I also doubt that Retro would make me wait 5-6 years in between games.

Instigator2233d ago

I would love to see what Retro could do with Zelda, given the great job they did with DKCR an MP, but I'd much rather have an original IP from them. Nintendo should give them that freedom instead of having them revive old franchises.

Not that I'd say no to a new Metroid or DK from them, though.