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Examiner writes: "There isn't much to say about VectorCell's AMY. After very promising trailers, the game turned out to be an aborted mess. It looks, feels and plays like something that would have been released in 1998 and it still wouldn't have been acceptable. What I thought could be a potentially good survivial horror budget title is instead, a very early contender for worst game of the year."

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hellvaguy2289d ago

Lol "an aborted mess". That's just hurtful.

Kingscorpion19812289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

What's so funny about it the developer believed this game was worth 20 bucks! This game should be 1 dollar!

Kingscorpion19812289d ago

Let me take that back this game should be free!!!

Tdmd2289d ago

20 bucks? They've said it could have been full retail once!

killerhog2289d ago

No, what's funny is how examiner along with and other sites etc. hyped this game up and now are giving it low scores. Just read the preview paragraph, look at how this journalist alludes on how he expected this game to be good from trailers, previews, hands-on experience etc..

Lowlander22289d ago

Is expecting a game to be good from promising preview material and being disappointed in the final result bad?

Gamers are not as clairvoyant as you think, and sometimes things can be different from what they first appear to be.

Tdmd2289d ago


Right? If that was a sign of bad journalism in gaming, than this generation wouldn't have a single good gaming site anymore after games like Dead Island, Rage, DN Forever, Dragon Age 2, FFXIII, FFXIV, Dark Void, RE5, MvC3...

Nothing wrong with being excited about a game you've previewed, imo. Is just like giving your analisis about a demo: you can't really forsee if it will be good or bad, just if it have potential or not - in which case, all of those games had and most of them didn't delivered.

killerhog2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

i dont get hyped or aroused by a screenshot or trailer, i wait till i get my hands on it to judge. what these journalist do is, start all this bs unnecessary hype for games they have no clue about, eventually get their hands on it, hype it up some more, and then, boom, their review is lower than expected. my brother called ign (yes love using them as an example) out on it, i called them out on it and so have others. i just feel this reviewer raise the bar to high for this game from all his 'expectations' and was let down by himself only.

Note: its not only ign but i use them as an example as they are more prominent in using this allegation

Surfaced2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


And IGN gave it 2.0

Man this is so disappointing. I was really looking forward to this game.

Pozzle2289d ago

Same here. My brain is still struggling to accept that the reviews are really, really negative...even though I was really excited for the game after all the positive previews. :(

Surfaced2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Here's the hardest part to digest:

people in this industry lose their job because they release a 7/10-ish game. (Homefront)

What the hell happens when you release a 1/10 or 2/10 game?

You're FINISHED. Your career as a developer is over. You don't get any more chances, ANYWHERE. It's all over.

I feel really bad right now and I didn't even work on this game! Oh man those guys over in France must be having the worst day of their life.

Back in the day, the developers that made games this awful were always silent. You never heard about them, and you never heard from them.
VectorCell is active in social media... they interact with "fans". Now they will have to answer to all those disappointed gamers. That's the worst place to be.