Stringer: Sony won't go it alone on the PlayStation Network

BusinessWeek - Kenji Hall, December 11, 2007:

Sony's plan to take on the likes of Microsoft and Apple with a video-downloading service some time next year is no secret. But on Dec. 11, Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Stringer offered a tantalizing clue about what the service would not be: another go-it-alone Sony effort.

Sony's chairman suggests he'll let other Hollywood studios, music labels, and gadget makers piggyback on the PlayStation Network if they use Sony's digital rights management (DRM) technology.

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Phalken_Six3875d ago

Great news! but dont hold your breath for this or you just wind up depressed if it doesnt come on those silly rumored dates!

Creepa at GameManx3875d ago

thats wassup yo

Boink3875d ago

"Stringer: Sony won't go it alone on the PlayStation Network"

"cause we've tried to so far, and look where it's gotten us!"

seriously though, PSN has made some big improvements, but they still have a looooong way to go. hopefully home will help them out.

HarryEtTubMan3875d ago

sHUT UP Delusional XBOT. PSN is the sh!t....and its free with already over 5.5 million online. HOME and In game XMB next year with Metal gear online, Gran Turismo 5(1080p @f0fps with 16 player multiplayer), Killzone 2 online, HAZE online, Unreal Tournament online(just released today!), So many more. You lost XBOT

Sez 3875d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

hey man the ps3 sold 5.5mil world wide. they don't have 5.5 ppl online. do you have a link to back it up. plus we all know you can have multi- accounts on psn making it hard to determin how many real people are using one account. where as 360 uses one account. making it easy to determin how many real players are using the service. sorry to take the air out your sails but you just sunk.

i rather wait for the offical word from a more reliable source than vgchart to prove sony each 7mil. not made up numbers from vgchart or sonyfanboys.

Grassroots3875d ago

maybe pointless to reply but the ps3 hit over 7 million this past week.


People have a problem with the playstation network , so many things on there i just love it. I dont know what you guys are looking for .

Skerj3875d ago

I believe most of the people with problems from PSN have never played on it. The content complaints are waning as we're now getting demos day and date with other services. PSN original games are getting awesome, I already bought 8 of them with 2 more I need to get before the year is out. Most importantly it's free. That might not seem like much when you think about it but the fact that I can play online on a console without shelling out a yearly fee definately ensured that I wasn't going to renew my Gold sub for live.

The only people with VALID PSN qualms are people who have to deal with the EU store as SCEE does give them the shaft more often than not. Seems like it's changing little by little though, I still think the store should be global considering the system is region free.

jlytle12343875d ago

its an interesting move. most download services have moved or are moving to drm free. i know walmart has said that it wont let any song into its online store unless its drm free and im pretty sure itunes is drm free or is on the verge. sony is hardheaded when it comes to this. so they may be planning on moving their media to their own store and keep drm. and it looks like they are targeting other companies who want drm as well. my personal thoughts are this is a huge mistake. drm is on its way out. people want their fair use. i think you encourage piracy with drm. i do not support sony on this venture if they want to keep drm.

achira3875d ago

sorry to burst your bubbles, do you think ms is better in this regard ? surely not. and drm prevents from piracy. only people who steal have the problem with it. of course its better without drm, but a world without crime is also better, but who cares ?

WilliamRLBaker3874d ago

Microsoft isn't accused of purposely letting a malicous rootkit into their CD DRM now are they Achira....they all so aren't known to have a very agreesive DRM like sony..

jlytle12343874d ago

its not about microsoft or sony being better than the other. microsoft's zune drm is stupid as well. this is purely about drm not being consumer friendly. and the people at cnet or steve jobs for that matter think drm is stupid and they arent pirates. and when i can pirate a song for free and do whatever i want with it just as easy as i can buy a song that wont let me play it on more than one device. which do you think im going to do? if i download a song and pay for it i own it. if i want it on my psp, ipod, ps3, computer, or burn it to a cd that should be my right. i should not have to buy the same song 5 times. some pirates will always pirate, but some people are actually willing to pay for a song. they just want their fair use rights.