No Online Matches in ModNation Racers Road Trip

A developer chat has revealed the seemingly unthinkable: the game will not have online head-to-head racing.

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D3stinySm4sher2384d ago

That's weird. I was at a preview event and I specifically ASKED one of the reps, "Will you be able to play your Vita online with people on the PS3 online?" and was told "yes."

If somehow that feature doesn't make it in, I just...don't see this game getting much of a following, I feel like that is one of its primary strengths.

sikbeta2384d ago

Bwahahahaha! lol they're really dumb, it's really... so MNR the franchise that is focused on online gaming and sharing stuff online doesn't have online multiplayer for Vita? why bother making it? you would think that SCE was going to push online in its new device but no, they really want Vita to Fail...

pain777pas2383d ago

Delay the game. You cannot ship a game that is built on online not have online play for no good reason. Wipeout is already there at launch and Ridge Racer. Delay the game and add in online play or no one with sense will buy the game.

ftwrthtx2384d ago

I'll have to stick to my current PSP version then

disturbing_flame2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

No buy for me.

This is the worse announcement concerning this game they could do. Kudos guys. How did they manage to get to that idea ? Sony is selling Vita wifi and 3G and this game doesn't support online races, come on that's a joke !!

I was really looking for this game, but now thay made it so bad i just don't want to hear from it anymore.

Bach2384d ago

Yeah, theres no point, unless you like making maps for you to race on by yourself.

disturbing_flame2384d ago

Perhaps they don't want to sell it. If it was their goal, they found the easiest way to achieve it.

So awkward.

knifefight2384d ago

Someone should make a YouTube trailer for this game, and put that "Dancing With Myself" song over it.

"If I had the chance,
I'd ask the world to dance,
but I'm dancin' with myse-e-e-lf~"

xflo3602384d ago

This was my 2nd launch game ( uncharted being 1st - it's a must buy!! ) but not anymore!
The whole point of modnation is to make and upload tracks and then for people to have races online on them!
I will probably get FIFA or gravity daze instead!

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The story is too old to be commented.