Playstation Vita Import Price Gets Another Drastic Price Drop

"With the PlayStation Vita releasing in North America and Europe in several weeks, it seems that import stores like Play-Asia did another price drop." - JPS

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DigitalAnalog2382d ago

What the article fails to "articulate" is the fact that play-asia OVERPRICES the device to get the maximum amount of profit for the earliest adopters. This is not an uncommon practice for online retailers.

Turning this into another PS fail remark is just another poor attempt to capitalize on the doom articles we've seen of late.

Besides, imports have no bearing whatsoever to the determining factors that constitute any forseeable failure or success of a console/product as it is INDEPENDENT from the standard market.

admiralvic2382d ago

The article stated that it was most likely based off the US/EU releases and the MSRP is 325 in Japan. If you did more than read the sentence listed here you wouldn't look a fool.

DigitalAnalog2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

However, the opening "statement" is indirectly trying to tie the price drop to the "failure" in Japan. And thus capitilzing on the failure on the recent Vita doom articles.

Why not just get straight to the point and follow through the 2nd paragraph (of the article) as you originally pointed out? Doesn't that make the article's first points irrelevant?

vitz32382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I agree with DA. This is a shameless article trying to ride the wave of doom and gloom articles for the Vita lately. System's been out for what? Almost month?

OMG! PSVita price drop from overcharging independent retailers! It's over PSVita's finished!

Protip for folks: Underneath "Read Full Story >>" There's a little + button next to the site name. Hit that and downvote any crap you come across.

It seems these little sites run by 3rd graders come out of the woodwork each time some company releases something. Any time after launch these articles come out just to garner hits to ruffle feathers. Then later when their favourite check signing company releases something it's all "Get one now!" "Amazing sale!" etc. These childish games you play with your readers only serve to segregate and piss off people. Advice for the next elementary students wanting to "writes the htemells about gaems" don't pull this crap. Fanboys have no reason to have a mic other than to piss off the other part of the crowd. People who put you in business.

Soldierone2382d ago

There is no denying this was another attempt to get quick hits off "vita is failing" articles.

Go to Play-Asia right now, the import cost is 399 for the wifi version....The "early adopter" package for NA isn't even that much. They are simply creating business tactics. Anyone that wants it from them wants it early and will pay the price. Common sense and business tactics are, lower the price as it becomes available in that region.

It will drop even further when February rolls around so they can steal even more sales.

StarWolf2382d ago

according to DigitalA, no one can make a vita thread about price drops because it would be "capitilzing on the failure on the recent Vita doom articles. " . No one should know about price drops, according to DigitalA.

BrutallyBlunt2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

DigitalAnalog just proves one thing, too many over-sensitive gamers roam the forums.

Anyone with common sense knows the intent of this article and what it's exactly trying to portray. That is as we get closer to the Europe/NA launch, prices are normally going to come down from importers.

Why can't people view topics as they are instead of amalgamating previous articles? If things are getting too negative for you perhaps you should stop reading them.

Those who are still looking to get Vita early are now informed of another price drop. That's it, nothing more nothing less. Stop the insanity.

tiffac0082382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I would agree on the overreacting statement but I also have to agree that a tad few information was left out and the report being interpreted differently..

It would have been better for all parties if more information was posted on how Play-Asia actually does business.

sikbeta2382d ago

Well, for those who will buy Vita, what games do you want for the Welcome Back Ambassador Program? :P

bozebo2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"Protip for folks: Underneath "Read Full Story >>" There's a little + button next to the site name. Hit that and downvote any crap you come across."

Please do this to all crappy articles, not just this one. (yeah its just worded really annoyingly but the news itself is fine)

inveni02382d ago

Honestly, I didn't think they were trying to make the Vita come off as a failure. My first thought was that it was dropping the price because the real release is just a little more than a month away. Upon reading, my suspicion was confirmed.

I know there really ARE a lot of people wanting Vita to fail just so they can shout in some sort of twisted victory, but some people are also a little over-sensitive about their consoles.

darthv722382d ago

its easy to see this as a sensationalist type of headline. "Drastic" is an attention grabber when in reality it is simply an article about the price of the import being reduced.

NOT the cost of the unit as it relates to current price. It may be off topic but it will make more sense when you look at the price reduction of the 3ds. That wasnt something an import place did. It was something Nintendo did. The price drop of the vita through play asia is something play asia did, not sony.

Yet some will gloss over that idea and think its an official price drop in response to failing sales. Point being is that it is play asia trying to sell inventory and they wont sell below the price they originally purchased them at. If anything they would reduce the price to the same to break even.

Its a nice incentive to those who dont want to wait and I can say i have had my experience with such import outfits like lik sang and (this is going back several years...) die hard. It should come as no surprise that they mark up the costs of imported goods but to then proclaim "drastic price cut" it makes people forget they were more expensive than if you bought it in japan to begin with.

gamingdroid2382d ago


It is true that droopped the price, not Sony.

However, it certainly indicates demand for handheld from a specific group of people i.e. the early adopters willing to pay premium to be the first. The vast majority will probably just wait a few weeks.

Albeit overpriced *imported* handheld. It's at least now within reasonable profit margin in my opinion.

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fatstarr2382d ago

No one in their right minds is going to buy this unless they just want to go look what I have a play station vita 3 months early. they will ten notice that no one cares and people just call them a dummy.

the system isn't
-set up for usa regions
-no games in English
- accessories will be super expensive
whats it worth in the end of the day?

showtimefolks2382d ago

This device just launched say all the negatives about it sony has invested a lot into it so this will be supported well. and please let it launch world wide before we call something a failure

remember how 3DS launched without any games and how bad it was doing and now how well its selling. All you need is software support which will come with time

guitar_nerd_232382d ago

Isn't it common sense that the closer it gets to international release the less valuable an import console is?

guitar_nerd_232382d ago

Oh my god, I got a new bubble!

Thank you so much! I've been on this site for a couple of years now and thats my first!

Love you guys!

GribbleGrunger2382d ago

those are import prices for goodness sake. of course they're going to hike up the price initially, most people who import are desperate for the product and these companies know it. the drop is just to keep it chugging along at reasonable numbers until it's officially released over here... at which point this side of the business becomes redundant. are these journalist stupid?

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ScubaSteve12382d ago

wow i cant even get one with

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