Wii U - Tokyo Street Demo

This is the Tokyo street Demo that was shown behind closed doors during E3 last near, now being shown at CES 2012.

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xxLuckyStrike2105d ago

Looks pretty cool.. Can't wait for PS4 and Xbox720

dark-hollow2105d ago

am i the only one who is more amazed by how he used the controller to look around like in a real car than the graphics?

Kur02105d ago

Wow those graphics looked so real, it looked just like Tokyo!

NukaCola2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Feature looks cool but I would like to see how it would work in a real game.

*Plays GTA V on Wii U. Cops coming. Takes eyes off TV and looks on tablet over should. Crashes into building and dies*

Every tech demo I have seen is brilliant. But all I am not getting here is the 'how' in the use of these features. Also, I am wondering how the tablet controller would play in a lot of games and what is the ratio of TV to Tablet time in when viewing. I am basically still confused yet impressed all at the same time.

Crystal Chrnonicle/Four Swords gamestyles?

The mario party demo where they had to find the 5th guy(Mario) was neat but nothing really that great.

I think I would like to see the screen used for puzzles and looking in things. Open a chest, look on the screen, open your inventory. Kind of makes the Wii U like an HD DS. One concern is the issues of looking at the screen and the controller at the same time. The Wii U still uses the old remotes too. Too many questions.

darthv722105d ago

represents the evolution of the gba/gc connectivity. A perfect example was the pacman game where the other players looked at the tv and could not see the whole maze. The main player, using the gba, could see the entire maze and was chomping around.

Or how in LoZ WW there was the tingle tuner. They can also use the tablet to pick plays in sports games. Just needs to be more tablets or have them officially state the 3ds w/circle pad can act as an additional tablet controller.

Jejojaja2105d ago

For a game like GTA i can see the tablet being used when performing a driveby, tvscreen still showing the car while the tablet has a first person view out the window, And while not in the car it could be used as a smartphone for the maincharacter.

Another neat idea i hope they implement on Alien Colonial marines is to use the tablet as the alienradar, imagine entering a steamy/cold area and a layer of condensated water/frost forming on the screen making it harder to see the aliens, then swiping the touch screen to remove mentioned layer.

those are just some of many great things that will be possible with the tablet.

DeadlyFire2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Trees could use some work, but otherwise tech demo is impressing me. Certainly showcasing that the Wii U has a hefty shift in Power from PS3/X360 if you ask me if that's a real-time demo. How much so I would love to know. I wish Nintendo would spill the specs. Either way I expect a decent level of graphics above last gen. No Specs is worrying factor though.

I am doubtful Wii U has less than 1 GB RAM in the system. I am hopeful 2 GB is used. I know Sony and Microsoft are likely aiming for 2 GB. If Wii U has only 1 GB it will be a limiting factor.

Venox20082105d ago

I want Wii U now (proper) :)

jacksheen00002105d ago

I hope Zelda HD looks exactly like the DEMO when the Wii U comes out.

Lf_sIcKmAn2105d ago

Why couldn't it end up looking better? :D

jacksheen00002105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

@ Lf_sIcKmAn

Wow, I m really surprised to see 4 disagrees so far.

Well I do agree with you that the Zelda HD should look a lot better than the E3 Demo. But lets be fair, when you add the play mechanic, AI, Camera view functions, etc, the GPU/CPU/MEM will in fact take a performance hit. And, of course, the same goes for the Tokyo Street Demo as well .So far, Every demo Nintendo have shown, doesn't really show the real potential of the Wii U's hardware capability simply because all we get from the Demo is wonderful graphics with few objects moving through space, no character interactions, no physic collisions, more just to list a few. So until Nintendo releases a Demo that show everything off, it won't be nothing more than beautiful still back grounds.

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