IGN: CES: The Best PC Gaming Chair $6,000 Can Buy

IGN: This ultimate gaming chair is available in 2012 for a cool $6,000.

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Crazyglues2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Hmmm... where Have I seen this before, oh yeah that's right at the 2010 ces show -

The real Question is what idiot buys this instead of just getting a really comfy chair for their desk...

Why spend 6000 dollars to have monitors come from the sky when you can just put them on a desk.. and get an awesome comfy chair for under a $200 dollars..

ah I guess if you just have nothing better to do with your money...
-and wasting it, is something your into, then man do they have computer setup for you..


zeal0us2196d ago

My under $100 chair will do just fine, no ty. $6000 will get me high-end rig, Big screen HDTV, living room set....I might as well just go ahead and just make my personal man cave why I'm at it.

PCgamer4ever2196d ago

Exclusive for rich people

LightofDarkness2196d ago

I sit on a crappy wooden chair with vinyl coverings that I nicked from the kitchen. And the computer desk is a stainless steel monstrosity from a by-gone era, which I nicked from a work colleague's garage.

Total cost to me: €0

Also, while all of that look lovely, where does my PC go?

DudeJets2196d ago

Tempted does look cool wouldnt go well in my office/ library though. Maybe modernise the armory?. Hmm decisions.

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