Playstation emulator for iPhone nears completion

The most recent emulator to grace the scene is from psx4all and it is for the iPhone/iPod Touch. While not yet ready for public consumption, the emulator is approaching the beta stage. The developer estimates that 75 percent of Playstation games will be compatible by the time he is done, but he still has a lot of code optimization to do.

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PS360WII3871d ago

wow I mean I can understand the NES emulator. Even that is hard to use how is a playstation emulator going to work on the iPhone

MrSwede3871d ago

It is a little weird indeed. I've got Nokia N95 and the Snes emulator runs pretty bad on it.

TriggerHappy3871d ago

Not even. The playstation emulator is not even fully enjoyable on the psp, how much more this ?.

Cadence3871d ago

my god the thins u can do! weird!

Skerj3871d ago

Wow, the iPhone finally does something my HTC phone can't do. Or maybe it can, I haven't checked since I got PS1 games on the PSP.

Marty83703871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Watch Sony sue his ass.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

TheIneffableBob3871d ago

I believe it's 100% legal as long as you don't supply games or the BIOS.

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