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Not Everyone Hates Dragon Age II, You Know

Kotaku: I have a lot of fun ripping on Dragon Age II. BioWare's 2011 follow-up to their epic and beloved Dragon Age: Origins disappointed and frustrated me in many, many ways. (Dragon Age 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Columbo  +   1269d ago
I totally agree, Dragon Age 2 was one of my favorite games of 2011. It absolutely had some flaws like recycled environments, fragmented non-epic story, and stripped down character customization, but it was a great action adventure game with tons of replayability. I appreciated the responsive combat controls that did make me feel like a bad-ass at the touch of a button, kind of like Too Human.

I haven't played the newest DLC since it game out during a busy release time period, but I do hope Bioware takes the community's feedback to heart and find a way to put out another epic Dragon Age in the near future.
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sloth3395  +   1269d ago
my problem was that all the levels were the same just a different door opens
The_Nameless_One  +   1269d ago
" but it was a great action adventure game with tons of replayability."

That's exactly the problem. It was an action adventure game. By putting the number 2 after it's name people that loved DAO expected an actual sequel, not a remake.
JaredH  +   1268d ago
I didn't hate Dragon Age 2. I was just utterly disappointed by how much more I liked Dragon Age: Origins.
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aPerson  +   1269d ago
I'm waiting for a Ultimate Edition to be released like there was for Dragon Age Origins before I purchase it.
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DarkBlood  +   1269d ago
same here i suspect next october maybe we'll get the full edition
mttrackmaster38  +   1268d ago
If you have a ps3 there's a game+dlc bundle sale on psn right now.
NYC_Gamer  +   1269d ago
stripped down piece of garbage it's like they just ignored everything that fans enjoyed about origins.
Animals_as_Leaders  +   1269d ago
I think DA2 was far better than DAO.

Anyone who had played The Witcher on pc ( 2007 ) thought DAO was a massively watered down rip off of that game.

It was very drawn out and the story was weak.

DA2 improved on combat AI, animations, graphics, story pacing. The lack of varied environments was a small negative in a massive list of improvements.

I've finished DA2 maybe 5 times so far...I finished DAO twice and I was going to give up the second time around because it was so boring.
Gamer-Z  +   1268d ago
Im sorry but DA2 was a terrible game just freaking terrible.
nolifeking  +   1268d ago
not everyone hates having a deuce dropped on their chest. Does that some how make it better having a turd on your chest.
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SolidGear3  +   1268d ago
I loved DA II. It was a massive improvement over Origins. I couldn't go more than 10 hours into Origins but with II I was able to platinum less than 2 months after launch and still wanted more.

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