Sony issues educational "What a PS3 Can Do" diagram

Everything apart from play PS2 games....

11 December 2007 - Sony has sent Pocket-lint a handy cut out and keep diagram showing just what it is that a 40GB PlayStation 3 can do.

Did you know boys and girls, that the PS3 isn't pricey at £299 (approximately US$610) as if you wanted to buy standalone devices to do what the PS3 can offer it would cost you £614.98 (US$1250)?

No, Pocket-lint is not quite sure how they came up with that exact figure either...

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Bill Gates3871d ago

My 60G plays everything including PS1, and PS2 games.

Everyone take notice of what the PS3 DOES NOT DO.....

-It does NOT do the RROD
-It does NOT charge you $50 for Online gaming
-It does NOT force you to keep buying battery's for your controller
-It does NOT FORCE you to buy an OVERPRICED HDD
-It does NOT scratch you game disks
-It does NOT turn you into a BABOON BOT......AAHAHHHHHAHAHHHAHA

razer3871d ago

9 agrees for total BS and you call 360 owners baboons.

Do you ever get tired of hating all the time?

Creepa at GameManx3871d ago


HarryEtTubMan3871d ago

PS3 is the best system on the market. It will PROVE it in 2008 and beyond.

cellypower3871d ago

When I got my ps2 at launch years ago the first year was slow with games, but the 2nd year was super awesome.Ps3 is a worthwhile investment in a home entertainment system.

Dlacy13g3871d ago

Honestly...Sony's marketing guys come up with some unusual stuff. Most of the time I just roll with it and dont comment. But this one just struck me funny.

Grassroots3871d ago

funny yes, but you got to realize a lot of individuals really don't know what the machine is actually able to do.

Marceles3871d ago

Lol basically I think they're taking an indirect shot at the 360. They're just trying to jam into people's heads who think the 360 is alot cheaper by saying we have all of this stuff in one package, and the 360 has this stuff, but you have to buy it separately and pay more money for it.

littletad3871d ago

Do you realize what consumers looking to buy a "game console" are looking for? I'll give you a hint, it might be in parenthesis.

rofldings3871d ago

There are no parenthesis in your comment, tad. ;)

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AppleSlime3871d ago

The MP3 player bit kinda got me laughing. I'll be sure to bring my PS3 to the gym with me.

kydrice3871d ago

It means you can hook up your Mp3 player to the machine smartass. Though browsing for Ipods are pretty iffy but yea.

Marceles3871d ago

It means it's an mp3 player as in it can play mp3s...just not the portable style applesmile had in mind

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The story is too old to be commented.