Microsoft’s Explanation For What Caused Xbox 360 Factory Suicide Threats

Kotaku: Earlier this week, Kotaku told you about how a large number of employees at a Foxconn factory in China had threatened mass suicide having been "denied compensation they were promised".

Microsoft assured us at the time that it would look into the matter, and has informed Kotaku that it has now completed "an independent investigation of this issue". How it managed this as the client company in question investigating a factory located in a country notorious for state secrecy and human rights violations I don't know, but here's what Microsoft told us.

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zeal0us2260d ago

Your typical multi-billion dollar company statement.

Bundi2260d ago

Waiting on Nintendo and Sony's report, you know since both of them also outsource to Foxconn. Wonder if their response will be labelled typical or if it will be hailed as heroic and awesome sauce.

coryok2258d ago

only xbox facilities felt like they were being treated bad enough that they needed to take action, so only microsoft needs to make a statement.

once sony, nintnedo or apple foxconn factories start taking action then they'll be the ones who need to make a statement. youre making assumptions, maybe if a company pays a bit more then their factories have better working conditions, maybe sony, nintendo and apple are all paying that little extra and microsoft doesnt - which caused the workers to threaten suicide.

this is a foxconn-microsoft problem, and until other companies who gave contracted foxconn have problems with foxconn it'll remain a foxconn-microsoft problem, dont try and extend microsofts bad policy to other companies unless you cna back up your statements, which you have yet to do, so [citation needed]

Undeadwolfy2258d ago

@Coryok^ Bravo sir, bravo. +Bubs