"Skyrim Mom" is the Only Twitter Account You Need to Read Today

Kotaku: Bethesda community manager Nick Breckon has asked his 65 year-old mother to sit down and play Skyrim.

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ATi_Elite2256d ago

i was expecting to read funny stuff.....but i found none.

on a side note many elderly people are getting into video games. The Games keeps their minds going and gives them something to do while the cookies are baking.

Snookies122256d ago

Hell yes! Good thinking my man, GOOD THINKING!

Fylus2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Yeah this was pretty lame. But damn those cookies are sounding pretty good about now.

Septic2256d ago

Wait till she takes an arrow to the kn.....ah f*ck it.

Christopher2255d ago

I read that yesterday. I saw no value in the "Skyrim Mom" twits. Didn't even consider cracking a smile.

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Neo Nugget2256d ago

This gets over 8,000 followers? O_o

just_looken2256d ago

tis 2 wonder about the current state of society today

Mikefizzled2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

The number of followers of Kim Kardashian of twitter.
Wil Wheaton wins the internet whilst explaining current society.

Biggest2255d ago

At least Kim has dat ass. Granny has dat As The World Turns.

Gamewank2255d ago

This twitter account is pure tedium. "Pensioner plays videogame" is about as interesting as "teenager reads book". Presumptuous nonsense.

Ness6192255d ago

Not only is it incredibly unfunny, but it seems fake too. Sigh...

LOL_WUT2255d ago

Really? This is news? Sigh..

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