PlayStation Vita 3G is carrier-locked, says AT&T

The Verge: Can't say we're surprised, but AT&T has confirmed to us that the PlayStation Vita 3G will indeed be carrier-locked. Only Ma Bell's SIM cards will work; inserting a SIM from T-Mobile or an international carrier will not work. We spoke earlier with Glenn Lurie, AT&T's Embedded Device President, who estimated that the company first received Vita units for testing around four or five months ago and worked closely with Sony even before that on the 3G modules and connectivity rules in the SDK, which helps expedite certification and avoid apps that could potentially harm the network.

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lupon2378d ago

yeah well so was the iphone and i think some jailbreakers/hackers would like to think otherwise

MAJ0R2378d ago

watch Sony try and sue the person who does it and then have that whole hacking thing play out again lol

silvacrest2378d ago

if its just a sim unlock i doubt sony will care

papashango2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

It's funny. Bet the people denouncing jailbreaking, raging about geohot, on damage control 24-7 are silently hoping for a jailbreak.

I wanted one but WiFi where I could use it is nonexistant. I'll pass

f7897902378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Hopefully the person who hacks the Vita isn't an idiot and post his real name everywhere.

I don't remember anyone getting lynched by Sony for hacking the PSP. All they had to go on were aliases and custom firmware on a Russian servers.

dark-hollow2378d ago

more reasons to get the wifi version.

gamingdroid2378d ago

Well Sony will just go after them, like they did Geohot...

That said, why is this carrier locked? Is the carrier subsidizing the PS Vita in any way?

This is ridiculous as I would avoid anything AT&T like the plague.

SignifiedSix2378d ago

AT&T sucks ass. They rob you, their service sucks and their customer support sucks. If they were smart, they would have went with Verizon. If i were to get one of these, i wouldn't even use "3G". Hello, wifi :)

ThanatosDMC2378d ago

Yeah, I hate AT&T. Bought my gf an iPhone 4 but only has 2gb per month for an added $39.99 on the bill for two years.. I have T-Mobile and they have me for 5gb for $19.99 for two years.

TheHardware2378d ago

Wifi model...Here I come!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.