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IGN: The game Amy has been kicking around for a while now. Every so often, you'd hear rumblings on The PlayStation Blog about the downloadable survival horror title Vector Cell had in the works. It seemed cool enough in premise, and indeed, Amy no doubt looks good on paper. But the end result -- a supremely muddled mess of controller-throwing frustration and piss-poor game design choices -- makes Amy not only one of the worst downloadable games I've ever played, but easily the worst game I've played in recent memory, period.

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yesmynameissumo2325d ago

Just damn. They should be ashamed of themselves for trying to sell this on PSN for $3 more.

zeal0us2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Game was overhyped. I feel sorry for those who plan on buying this game. Proves that looks can be deceiving.

RememberThe3572325d ago

I completely missed the hype on this game. The first time I heard about it was when people were complaining about the PSN price.

killerhog2325d ago

Yeah blame ign and other lame gaming sites that love puffing games then giving it low scores on the reviews. It doesn't get old reading positive hands-on previews then reading low reviews of same game.

Pozzle2325d ago

"Yeah blame ign and other lame gaming sites that love puffing games then giving it low scores on the reviews. It doesn't get old reading positive hands-on previews then reading low reviews of same game."

I definitely agree with this. All the hands-on previews sounded really positive and I got pretty hyped about the possibility of a good new survival-horror being released.
If the gameplay, graphics and voice acting/script are as bad as reviews are saying, then how the hell did nobody notice this during hands-on previews? Are they paid to say good things about demos?? What's going on??

theDECAY2325d ago

@ Pozzle

I agree with both of you but maybe the hands-on previewers believe that many of the problems will be panned out before the final release of the game. That's the only thing I can think of.

Pozzle2325d ago

@theDECAY: That's true, but it's strange that barely ANY sites had anything bad to say. Bugs and glitches, ugly graphics, terrible gameplay and a crappy voice cast are things I'd want to mention if I was a journalist...even if I was only writing a preview. If they genuinely hindered the experience, I'd want to give my readers a heads up.

Trunkz Jr2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )


You know why? because developers can say this isn't the Final version. You think a company would want you to preview their next game after being so harsh? How often do you see someone give a HORRIBLE preview? Rare.

jeeves862324d ago

Yeah, but at the same time, hands-on editors should know the kind of problems they're looking at, and have a realistic idea of whether or not these issues are going to be fixed in the final version.

If you received a preview copy and its littered with bugs and horrible glitches such as this was, maybe a month before release, do you honestly expect that it's all going to be fixed by the time the game releases?

admiralvic2324d ago

@ the hands on people

Something to consider is that how would you feel about a writer who did a poor hands on of a beta product? Laying the hammer on a draft makes you look really bad. Most people would complain left/right that all of these issues could be fixed.

Like if I said it felt repetitive... many would wonder if I thought it MIGHT change from what the demo showcased.
If I said the story sucked... there were plenty of games that pulled out a winner randomly. A prime example would be inFAMOUS which had an okay story, but the ending ALONE saved it. (in my opinion that is)

Another good example is el shaddai. The demo showcased some neat stuff and showed a neat game that could get better. However according to my friend that showcased every weapon... this was COMPLETELY unpredictable and could easily impact the final score.

Definitely some things to consider.

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-Mika-2325d ago

Oh plz these reviews are hating on this game for no reason. I seriously doubt the game is that bad. Im gladly going to pay $10 when this game comes out. I really would like to see more original psn titles like Amy and i am alive. So i will support this.

yesmynameissumo2325d ago

2/10, 2/10, 4/10, 4/10, 4.7/10, 7.6/10. Unless there are a flood of great reviews, I'm going to go with my gut here and say...this game is shit.

DeeZee2325d ago

No, this isn't one site going rogue. It's being panned across the board!

TheNocturnus2325d ago

Don't do it man. I bought it tonight and the game is utter garbage. I agree with IGN.

DigitalAnalog2325d ago

Normally I tend to go and take a risk due to the amount of overwhelming "opinions" of game journalists these days.

But it seems to me almost every negative review I've read have been extremely consistent to the minute point. It is as if every review was written by the same reviewer.

If there's one shining light in this mess is that hopefully more reviews are more consistent in their "positive" reviews.

OhMyGandhi2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Hey man. I'm all for supporting indie development. GOOD indie development.

I understand that you want it to be amazing, or at the very least a decent excursion, but denial of the game's reception, is flat out ignorance.
Buy the game if you wish, and hell, if the game's average was a "6/10" or so, I'd totally pick it up, too (last game I played that was poorly received but I still enjoyed thoroughly was Dead to Rights: Retribution, so flying in the face of critical consensus can lead to pleasant surprises, I understand that much). But this game is bad, bad in the way of not just bugs (hell most games have them) but bad in the way of repetitive purgatory and bad controls sort of bad.

Go with your gut, and hell, go with the expectation of an absolute interactive disaster, and at the very least, you may find good things to appreciate about the title.

I know I was looking forward to this game with it's bad ass screens and concept art, but for me, I rather cut my losses then end up saying bad words and pulling every hair last follicle out of my head due to the game's content as well as what I had payed for in spite of all the forewarning..

danielle0072324d ago

Just because they're indie and have a cool concept, does NOT mean they get a free pass for making a broken game, no matter what you'd like to believe.

Also, game reviewers are usually FORGIVING. Especially IGN, they usually go from 5-10, a 2 is VERY rare in this day and age.

megacowdung2324d ago

dude the game is poop, don't buy it...

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showtimefolks2324d ago

so all the positive previews and hype ign and other gaming sites did for this game was just to get hits? i was never interested in this so could careless

what the heck were the DEVS thinking

Bioshocking2324d ago

lol.... I just saw this trailer and I laughed so hard...

IGN- "Amy is like ICO with zombies and it is totally brilliant"

IGN review- 2/10

Destructoid- "Survival horror Amy is looking really good, scary"

Destructoid review- 1.5/10

Just made my day.... goes to show that you should not trust reviewers and the press.

Why don't game dev's you know... release these demo's they show to the press to the public to play at home rather than at e3 or some other event?

The best critic is you, because if you don't like the demo... you won't buy the game with your hard earned money.

Goes to show how untrustworthy critics are

*cough* Skyrim on PS3 *cough*

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Oldman1002325d ago

Is the game really that bad? Well at least the score equates to a 10......out of 50.

Ezio20482325d ago

bubble for making me laugh, mate. :D

j-blaze2325d ago

if this was a ps3 exclusive, your comment will be like "F*** YOU IGN! bunch of ignorant idiots!" instead of yes

Bioshocking2325d ago

Ok... Im sorry but you would have to be stupid to assume that only PS3 fanboys will flame a review for a PS3 exclusive.

Any game.... will have fans. And they will flame if a game they like has a bad review....

I mean... you act like the playstation is the only system with fanboys...

Remember when Gamespot gave Skyward Sword a 7.5?

Remember all that flaming?

You are just being ignorant...

However it is weird that these reviews are being made even though they preview these games hands on most of the time...

However you are just trolling.... end of story

WildStyles2325d ago

This game must be horrendous lol.

killasder2325d ago

rofl.. aw man a 2... as in number 2?(shyt)

LackTrue4K2325d ago

lol, they could of gave it a "number two/10" now you know that's one BADDDD GAME!!!