Madden curse hit Peyton Hillis hard this year

After being the cover boy of Madden NFL 12, Peyton Hills had an awful year. But is the Madden curse to blame?

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Letros2202d ago

For the sake of the Lions, I hope Calvin Johnson doesn't get plastered on the 13 cover.

Chupa-Chupa2202d ago

Yes it was the curse. This curse is no joke. They need to add the worst kicker in the league next year. Maybe then, the curse will reverse.

Deputydon2202d ago

Doesn't help that Colt McCoy had a pretty bad year as well. I live in Ohio, I'm an Indians, Cavs, and Browns fan. But McCoy choked almost every game. We started the season decently well, and after that he looked like he just gave up. Seneca Wallace played better than McCoy in my opinion.

To be fair though, the Browns needed a season to learn their new West Coast Offense. I'd imagine they'll do better next year, assuming Hillis has a better year, now that they have a better idea of how to play that offense.

Hatmantc2202d ago

Wallace didn't play any better than Mccoy did. The lack of depth at the WR hurt both QBs. The Browns WRs' hands were made of stone this year, which caused them to lead the league in the drops. a lot of those drops were solely on the WRs and not the QBs' fault. if it hits your hands, you have to catch it. the lack of a running game also kept McCoy and Wallace from being able to be effective, once you are down to your 3rd string rb it's gonna put a strain on the passing, couple that with what i said about the WRs, a team is bound to do badly. the one bright spot was how well the defense played.

sadly(says this while looking at his custom Payton Hillis McFarlane browns figure) i don't think Hillis will be back. I think Shurmur wants to bring in his own guy and start over fresh. which i think is a bad idea.

StrongMan2202d ago

You know Tim Tebow will be on the cover next year.

maniacmayhem2202d ago

Just stay away from the Niner's!

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