Devil May Cry Shot At The Same Place As James Cameron’s Avatar

Capcom Unity Press has released that the new Devil May Cry game used the same studio and team that shot the movie scenes for Avatar. A movie by James Cameron.

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Bundi2201d ago

Yeah yeah, I remember reading this on the cover of Big Whoopdity Doo magazine

aCasualGamer2200d ago

All i have to say is, SOO?!

This game will suck.

The only way Capcom can repay us fans is to announce RE6 and DMC5...

Other than that, i'm not buying shit from them ever again.

Legionaire20052201d ago

Wow and people who are disappointed don't know what they are missing. They bunch of haters giving death threats to the company. Man what a##holes .

BillytheAlien2200d ago

Your probably just one of the misinformed people who think people hate this game just for the "hair colour"

Legionaire20052200d ago

Why I'm getting all these disagrees? I'm just calling out the ones who are haters. No I'm not misinformed some people hate it because of Dante's young looks not just the hair.

j-blaze2201d ago

whatever... they will never reach the level and quality of Japanese made cinematics....this game will suck no matter what they do

Ghost2502200d ago

and.... like i care where it got shot at. stupid crapcom

jc485732200d ago

No wonder the character designs have changed overtime. It went from ugly to pretty boy.

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The story is too old to be commented.