Could The PS3 End Up With More Sales Than The 360 And Wii?

It was a ridiculous question at the start of this generation, but if you look at the current situation, it's not such a crazy possibility now.

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Titanz2260d ago

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

BrutallyBlunt2259d ago

It's very possible, in fact likely given the worldwide appeal and longevity. The real question is does it even matter anymore? The answer is no unless you enjoy cheer leading for your favorite brand.

Solid_Snake372259d ago

Yes i agree uf sony wants to make it happen they would have to drop the price on the ps3 even more

Shok2260d ago

Er, maybe the 360, but the Wii is at freakin 90 million sales....

metsgaming2260d ago

yes but just look at the ps2 its still selling a few million a year and the ps4 could be announced this year. They will still be selling well into the ps4's life and that will bring it much higher than people think. Now if the wii gets abandoned then it could happen.

DonaldBeck2259d ago

the wii no

the 360, ps3 is beating it worldwide in sales.

Pandamobile2259d ago

Since when? Last I heard the 360 was still several million ahead

eraursls842259d ago

At pandamobile, not several million but it is still ahead by a couple million. I think the PS3 will pass the 360 sales by the end of the holiday season 2012.

topgeareasy2259d ago

Xbox 360
2005- 1,285,236
2006 - 6,874,714
2007 - 8,051,607
2008 - 10,894,660
2009 - 10,498,401
2010 - 13,914,314
2011 - 13,583,062
total - 65,101,994
2006 - 1,388,724
2007 - 7,970,449
2008 - 9,920,589
2009 - 13,343,342
2010 - 14,943,475
2011 - 13,812,570
total - 61,379,149

difference in 2007 = 6,771,226
differance now = 3,722,845

source VGchartz

Solid_Snake372259d ago


Wise up! Those numbers are in the US, WW the Ps3 kicks the xbox's ass every month

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yesmynameissumo2260d ago

The Wii has a huge install base, many of which, may not get a Wii U. I think Wii support will be a hell of a lot longer than GameCube. Surpassing the 360 is a given.

GribbleGrunger2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

agreed. overtaking the Wii would be some feat. i wouldn't say it was impossible, but for it to overtake, the Wii would have to completely stall in sales after the Wii-U is released. because they are completely different experiences, that is unlikely. another option for consideration is if Sony decide to bundle the MOVE in with every PS3 once the Wii-U is released. that could move Wii owners over, but, again, that's a stretch. overtaking the 360 is a given and will likely happen this year... if we can ever get REAL sales figures from MS, that is

EasilyTheBest2260d ago

We have had real numbers off MS.
68 Million 360s sold to Dec 2011.
18 Million Kinects to Dec 2011.

These are the REAL numbers as it would be illegal to state false ones plus Sony etc would be all over MS if they thought they were wrong.

I cant seem to find Sonys numbers too Dec 2011.
Anyone any idea.
I would like to know if Sony has closed the gap or if MS has widened it.

GribbleGrunger2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

i think you'll find that MS reported 66 million sold. quite a feat to get back to a gap of three years ago when the PS3 has outsold the 360 every year since then don't you think. but if you want to believe that go ahead. let me just put you in the picture: MS sold just over a million more consoles this Christmas than Sony. that gap was 3 million and so it figures that the gap is now 4 million... no?

now according to MS that gap is 6 million. like i said, quite a feat. Sony reported 3.9 million for Nov to Dec by the way. and yes the gap has widened a little, but over the year it has shrunk more than MS widened it this Christmas. unless you believe the numbers of course. they've flooded the stream with 360s just so they can put that number out there. that's the truth of it. they're sat in warehouses awaiting distribution

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