Why I Would Never Buy A Razer Tablet Computer

MMGN.COM writes: Project Fiona is a full blown PC gaming tablet that claims to be powerful enough to run "current generation PC games". After weeks of viral marketing, and insignificant teasing, am I supposed to be compelled by this new product?

Well Razer, I'm not. You would have to be crazy to purchase an expensive, computer-based device from a peripheral company, particularly one with a reputation as questionable as Razer's.

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ATi_Elite2380d ago

cause it looks like it's made by V-tech and is something for kids.

tablets shouldn't have handle bars

it's over priced and underpowered

I'm sure the carrying case for this will be $100

those PSMove look a like controllers do not come off and work on the PS3.

it's made by Razer