OWNT: What Your Chosen Skyrim Character Race Says About You

Josh from writes, "So now that you've quite literally played Skyrim for so many hours as to have officially damaged the vast majority of meaningful personal relationships in your life, you've surely grown quite close to your created character. It's highly likely that, upon firing up the game and wiping the subsequent stain of joy and excitement off your pants, you jumped headlong into the Skyrim character creation process knowing it was going to be a long ride. An intimate ride. A ride of the sort that has never before been seen in the history of theoretically long rides.

"As such, there's something to be said of the type of character you create -- in particular the race you finally settle upon. Something that may very well indeed ultimately tell you some interesting and poignant things about yourself. Things you may not ever have even known!

"So what does your chosen Skyrim character race truly say about you? Well, let's find out, shall we?"

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zeal0us2353d ago

Felt like I just read one of those horoscopes lol

OWNTJosh2352d ago

Was it an accurate horoscope? :P

soundslike2352d ago

surprisingly accurate. for me anyway.

NukaCola2352d ago

I went with High Elf and perk up on the warrior side so I am balanced with might and magic. I also have some cool scars and a nifty pretzel knot goatee.

VanguardOfCalamity2352d ago

All this time I thought my character liked chicken cause it was delicious - turns out he is genetically predisposed to liking chicken

MariaHelFutura2352d ago

If you don't like Chicken and Watermelon, something is wrong w/ you!!!

OWNTJosh2352d ago

Wait, together? Like at the same time?

CaptainMarvelQ82352d ago

I am an Imperial.
The leading race.Because I'm a racist bastard,DAMN THEM STORMCLOAKS!