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Disney Universe Review | Trendy Gamers

Trendy Gamers: What do you get when you put Kingdom Hearts and Little Big Planet in a blender? I’ve never tried it but I am pretty sure that it would be something similar to Disney Universe because the game mixes the interactive environments of Little Big Planet with many beloved Disney worlds. (Disney Universe, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) 6.5/10

Snookies12  +   1110d ago
Eh, I don't define Kingdom Hearts by Disney worlds... I think it would have been much better off without them in fact. Probably would have been the perfect game. Though it's still my most beloved series, recently surpassing Final Fantasy. o_o
hellvaguy  +   1110d ago
Rule of thumb when reviewing kids games: if its not a Mario or Zelda game, you automatically get -2 points from review scores. Than start subtracting more points from there. Rinse and repeat.

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