An Extremely Lucky Battlefield 3 Moment

MP1st - Mamma always said, shoot for the stars and you’ll hit… a jet?

YouTuber VallumGaming gives us a look into an extremely lucky moment he experienced in Battlefield 3. Moments like these only happen once in a lifetime, but thankfully he was able to get this one on video and put up on the eternity of YouTube.

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PixL2376d ago

Javelins suck. Real men aim their rockets themselves! :P

Soldierone2376d ago

Lmao that was epic. Don't know if I'd be like DAMNIT or what though haha

gtxgamer22376d ago

i'd be like DAMNIT....oh, sweet.

Tonester9252376d ago

PC is so nice. I wouldn't even disrespect myself putting Battlefield 3 in my E MACHINE!

theEXPATRIATED2376d ago

Agreed, I don't even recognize this part of the map in all honesty. Must be part of Kharg Island or something that consoles are limited from having?

Cosmit2376d ago

I remember seeing this a while back. Maybe 3 weeks ago. It was nice.