Microsoft Offering UFC Rio (142) For Free

"First and foremost, please allow us to apologize for the technical issues that impacted your access to UFC 141 on Xbox LIVE. We remain committed to providing you with the quality experience you expect, therefore we completed a thorough investigation into the issues that prevented you from enjoying UFC 141 on Xbox LIVE, and we’re confident that we’ve addressed the problems.

We’d love it if you’d give us a second chance, and we’d like to offer you another opportunity to experience UFC on Xbox LIVE free of charge with UFC RIO: Aldo vs. Mendes on January 14th, 2012. Instructions on how to access UFC RIO on Xbox LIVE are outlined below. In addition, we’re providing all those impacted by the UFC 141 technical issues with one month of free Xbox LIVE Gold membership*. See redemption code and instructions below." via Microsoft in an email that they just sent out.

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slavish2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

This is great customer service!!!!!!!!!

LOGICWINS2230d ago

Is this for ALL XBL members, as in, not just the ones that registered for UFC 141?

GamerVets2230d ago

It's just for those who were previously registered for UFC141.

Munky2230d ago

Yup, its for users who "bought" UFC 141, I was actually lucky enough to get one of the free promotional codes that they were giving away. So I'm getting a free show for an event that was free in the first place, win/win for me.

BX812230d ago

What a joke. I was logged into the service an hour before they started handing out the free views. I never got off until they said they were out of the final 5000 tickets. I just sat there and kept trying to buy it and they said they purchase service wasn't available. Now you can't even buy the next UFC on XBOX unless you were in for the 141. This service screams of not being able to handle enough traffic. EPIC FAIL UFC/XBOX. A huge waste of my time. I'm personally never going to get a UFC event on xbox live.