Retailers: Drop Online Pass, And We’ll Share Our Profits

Publishers can get a bigger slice of pre-owned game sales at retail – if they’re willing to reach a compromise with stores.

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NYC_Gamer2108d ago

very doubtful unless all retail stores agree to these terms

zeal0us2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

very doubt unless all the gaming companies and retailers agree to these terms.

More than likely it won't happen.

just_looken2107d ago

very doubtful because HELLO PC HAS HAD this type of drm sense 2000 12yrs its been on pc its not leaveing never ever.

Titanz2108d ago

Either way - online passes need to, GTFO!

Cablephish2107d ago

Either way, online passes need to

*Removes sunglasses*

Pass away.

Bundi2108d ago

Not going to happen, EA, THQ, SONY and the rest have had a taste of extra revenue for nothing and will not want to let that go very easily. Not a chance.

gamingdroid2107d ago

Agreed. The outrage wasn't loud enough. Unfortunately.... now we can only hope something good comes out of online passes in the long run, like extra content, but I doubt that.

KingSlayer2107d ago

Extra revenue for nothing is Xbox Live. Don't like passes? Buy new games or get a new hobby.

MrBeatdown2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

You say it's not going to happen, but we don't know the numbers that will help publishers come to a decision. Publishers have to weigh their options here. Getting a small cut from EVERY used game sold could add up to a substantial amount and could exceed online pass revenue. Even with online passes, they really only bring in revenue for publishers if the online portion is compelling enough and the buyer finds they like the game after purchasing it. And I'm sure publishers have to pay Sony and MS a percentage of those online pass sales.

But GameStop, being the biggest used retailer really has to be the one to get on board with this though. I could see them doing it. They seem to already have a deal in place with WB where used buyers get an online pass.

maniacmayhem2107d ago

I go through gamefly and I not to long ago I rented Battlefield 3. Gamefly sent me an email a day later and asked if I wanted an online pass, I said hells yea and they sent me one a week later.

Sent BF3 back and still have the pass just in case i want to re-rent it. Super win on my side. Thanks Gamefly.

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