Modern Warfare 3 DLC For Dummies

Gamers just don't seem to "get" Activision's newly-announced content drops for Modern Warfare 3.

Confusion, anger and frustration seems to be a common emotion throughout internet forums and social networks ever since the announced DLC system, mainly because the publisher's explanation of the unique system isn't especially...well...accessible .

Yesterday went as far as putting together a Everything You Need To Know article, which was actually just a regurgitation of everything Activision had already told us.

So, you're still confused? Don't worry: you're not alone. Here are the the most commonly asked queries about Modern Warfare 3's Content Season. Or DLC. Or Content Drops. Whatever!

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th3_d3an2382d ago

Honestly activision can stick it i paid for that elite crap and should get it as soon as it comes out period but its ok im playing a much better game in skyrim and may sell mw3

iMpuTeD2382d ago

So than it doesn't matter if you play on 360 or ps3 and are an elite member u get it the same day. What happened with the 360 exclusivity deal? I'm guessing that's just for non elite members now right.

GraveLord2382d ago

Wrong. Here's the order of the DLC.

Elite premium 360 > Elite premium PS3 > 360 normal > PS3 normal

Oschino19072382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I think if its that way it has to do with elite members getting smaller and more frequent content drops that will later be sold in packs or possibly also seperate but with the option to bundle and same time as full pack is there for everyone. So one week there is a map or two and then a few weeks later some more maps and then right after all content is there for everyone. Will be staggered like gravelord put it.

iMpuTeD2382d ago

So than jan 24th is for 360 elite members and ps3 elite members will get it when? Activision are a bunch of cooches.