IGN: The Future of Zelda

Considering the onslaught of Zelda-related content we received in 2011 thanks to the franchises 25th anniversary, it's likely Nintendo will lay low on the Zelda front in 2012. We may, if we're lucky, see a global release for that gorgeous piece of Zelda lore called Hyrule Historia (the source of all the recent Zelda timeline news we've all been buzzing over). Otherwise, expect it to be a much slower year for the land of Hyrule... sort of.

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vishant1012378d ago

When the greatest franchise gaming has to offer enters the HD era be scared because it will be phenomenal. BTW zelda fanboy XD

fatstarr2377d ago

The Dawn of HD Zelda, can continue in the timeline it can be either after twilight princess or the time split in majoras mask if you fail to save the world, the aftermath.

and id love to have a 3D link to the past its in my top 3 Favorite zelda games.